Meal Plan #43 - Back To School And Back To Reality!

I missed last weeks meal plan post, the last couple of weeks seem to have flown by and by the time I got round to it, it was almost the end of the week so I just gave it up for a bad job! I did have a meal plan though, I honestly don't think there has been a week gone by in the last year where I haven't meal planned!! We started meal planning on and off about 3 or 4 years ago but I have been making regular weekly meal plans for the last 18 months. By planning our meals, making, and sticking to, a shopping list our food shop costs have dropped from £120 a week to around £60-80 a week, which is a great saving in itself yet by also changing the day and time we shop, from a Saturday afternoon to a Friday night, we have reduced our food shop BY HALF again, and so now our shop each week comes to between £30 and £45. I highly recommend heading out to the supermarkets for the end of day yellow sticker bargains if you can, both me and Dean used to turn our nose up at the people hanging around for the reductions trolley, but how wrong we were! I will get around to writing a post and maybe filming a video to tell you how to shop yellow sticker stuff smartly, I promise!

You can watch my meal planning process on YouTube,  we also share regular grocery hauls, meal ideas and more. Be sure to subscribe if that's your thing!

Last weeks meal plan went OK, although I did swap a few meals around and some meals were not quite what we had on the meal plan, because it was so so hot, but we used the same products, so we didn't have to go out and buy any extra food.

I haven't posted over on our new foodie based account over on Instagram (@feedingmyfamilyforless) for a week or so, but I promise I will be back there as soon as we get back into a school routine, and if you check out our IGTV account over there then you will be able to see this weeks grocery haul (it will be uploaded at some point this weekend!)

Anyways enough of the gabble, here is this weeks meal plan...


Lunch: Picnic 

We are out for the whole day, but the kids will take a pack up and snacks in their bags.

Tea: Eating out

We will still be out so we will either have chippy or something like that.


Lunch: Picnic

We are out again, so will be a picnic and snacks afternoon again.

Tea: Burger night

We should be home in time for tea and the plan is burgers and fries, cheeseburgers for the kids (some frozen burgers in the freezer) and I will make halloumi burger for me and Dean, and a chicken breast burger for Ellie (who has decided that she now hates almost every single thing I will ever cook, hates meat...except for chicken)


Lunch: Eating out

I think we are out for the day (weather depending) so we will eat out, if we eat at home I will whip up something from the fridge.

Tea: Chicken kievs, wedges, beans and 'that' garlic bread hack that has been all over Facebook this week!

Have you seen the hack? Putting your kiev on top of a bread slice to soak up all the leaky garlic sauce! I mean its genius and it made me REALLY want kievs!


Lunch: Omelette's

I kid you not the kids are OBSESSED! Last lunch of the summer holiday...sob!

Tea: Homemade Calzone

For the last tea of the summer, I thought me and the kids could whip up some dough (this dough recipe is SO easy the kids can make it!) and make our own calzone, filled with veggies and pizza sauce. Yum!

Wednesday: Spicy 'vedgeree'

I saw this in a summer food mag and it looked sooooo soooo good! I'll cook it in the slow cooker just before I leave for the school run and it should be ready in perfect timing.

Thursday: One pot mango and chicken curry with rice, naan, poppadoms and cheats samosas

Jenson saw this in a food mag and asked if we could have it, his wish is my command! The cheats samosas are another recipe the kids can help with if we have time after school.

Friday: Sort yourself out night.

Friday night is our busiest night of the week, after school we drop Elsie off at my Nan's, followed by rushing home to sort Evie out for Gymnastics, and then back home to sort get Jenson ready for football, we pick Evie up from gym, drive a few minutes to drop Jenson of, then go and drop Evie at my Nan's (where she will have tea) so we can do the shop child free! Did you know that child free shopping without a list means we are in and out of Tesco in about 30 minutes! HALLELOO! Then its round to my Nan's to get the girls, pack to football to collect Jenson then home!

Anyways my point is, Friday nights are about to get crazy mad! I have no idea what food we will have time for so for this week it's just gonna be a pick and mix, me and Dean can get sorted after shopping, Jenson can pick something quick from the freezer and Ellie can sort herself out whilst we are shopping.  We will see what happens and once we have it down then I will start planning actual food!


  1. Glad to see you back. The kids will soon be back at school and life can get back on track again! Another week of delicious meals (as always with you!) Thanks for linking up and have a great week x

  2. I have just started getting the yellow sticker bargains and I love it. Our Tesco does them at 7pm each night and I am there a couple of times a week at least.
    I hadn't seen that garlic bread hack but it is genius! I'll be trying that!
    Great meal plan! I love the sound of the mango and chicken curry. x

  3. I am going to have to try the garlic bread hack! Can't believe you have saved so much. I meal plan but our shopping is still high.Lidl has helped a bit though #mealplanningmondays

  4. Aaah the garlic bread kiev trick - yes, I saw that on mumsnet ! Let us know how it works out - it sounds good to me ! Your Fridays sound pretty manic so good luck with that ! A very tasty week planned - yum ! :)

  5. I have not seen that hack I might have to keep an eye out for it. I wish I had the energy to do more yellow sticker shopping ours seem to be during the day.

    Charlotte x

  6. Your meal planning is flipping organised! I'm quite jealous. Mine is far less exciting :D That garlic bread hack is so clever - even my kids are asking for kievs so we can try it :D

  7. Sounds like a delcious week. That mango and chicken curry sounds amazing!


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