Scruff-a-luvs Families

What with it being the middle of summer, the kids have been watching a lot more TV than usual, which means they are seeing more ad's then they usually would, which in turn means that the mental Christmas list has been started, one thing that has been on it for a good few weeks, and keeps getting mentioned time and time again is the Scruff-A-Luvs Families set. So when Worlds Apart/Moose Toys got in touch and asked if we would review the brand new toy at its launch, I couldn't really say no, could I! 

Disclaimer: We were sent this to free of charge in return of a honest review, all words, photos and opinions are our own. 


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Nanables | The Must Have Collectible Toy For 2019?

If you have been following me for a while you will know my kids LOVE a collectible toy! Whether that be LOL dolls, Hot Wheels, Tsums Tsums or Lego minifigures, my kids just love them! So when Jazwares got in touch and asked us if we would like to review the brand new must have collectible Nanables, I knew the kids would really enjoy trying them out and seeing what they were all about.

DISCLAIMER: We were gifted these, free of charge. In return for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are our own. 

Budget Family Meal Plan #42

If you read last weeks meal plan you will know that last week was a little different and we didn't get a chance to do our yellow sticker shop, this week was back to normal, you can watch my meal planning process on YouTube, we started meal planning on and off about 3 or 4 years ago but I have been making regularly weekly meal plans for the last 18 months by planning our meals, making, and sticking to, a shopping list our food shop costs dropped from £120 a week to around £60-80 a week, which is a great saving in itself yet by also changing the day and time we shop, from a Saturday afternoon to a Friday night, we have reduced our food shop BY HALF again, and so now our shop each week comes to between £30 and £45. I highly recommend heading out to the supermarkets for the end of day yellow sticker bargains if you can, both me and Dean used to turn our nose up at the people hanging around for the reductions trolley, but how wrong we were! I will get around to writing a post and maybe filming a video to tell you how to shop yellow sticker stuff smartly, I promise!

Family Meal Plan #41

Another week, another plan...This week has been a little different, if you have watched our grocery hauls before you will know I do my best to grab all of our weeks bakery bits, fruits and veggies (and some extra provisions for future weeks) in the end of day yellow sticker reductions, but this week we couldn't get to Tesco on Friday night so instead I did an Iceland shop (mainly because I could shop what I needed in store, and get it delivered), its also THAT time of the month and so I know that I will be unmotivated to cook meals from fresh so wanted things I can just chuck in the slow cooker or in the oven from the freezer! This did mean that our budget was blasted and we have gone way over (we still need a couple of bits in town), after we have everything will come in around £60-65, which I've tried to look at as still really cheap for 14 meals for a family of 6!!

Budget Meal Plan #40 I am not as far behind this week as I was last week, I managed to get into a bit of a routine last week, although as rain was forecast for most of the week we stayed in so its a lot easier to be on a routine when you don't leave the house much isn't it!! But we will see how this week goes before I jump to any conclusions!

Summer Learning with The Night Zookeeper

I am guessing if you are here reading this review your kiddos are a little like mine, easily bored and love an app to keep the boredom at bay. And then I am gonna take a guess that you are a little like me and that although you don't mind screen time and tablets you would rather that the majority of apps and games they play had some sort of educational value. If this sounds like you and your kids then the Night Zoo Keeper is for you...

Disclaimer: We have received full access for free in return for an honest review on my blog. 
All words, photos and opinions are our own.This blog post contains some Affiliate Links 

Night Zookeeper is a children’s education company with a BAFTA-nominated website, as well as a series of adventure books, and an animated show on Sky TV. The website provides thousands of literacy games and lessons designed to motivate and excite children to learn, whilst developing their writing ability and creative thinking skills.

The more new words they learn and stories they write, the more points they win in a global league table with children from around the world. On signing up your child is provided with login details to get going and then they are set their first task, design their zoo keeper avatar using the paint tool box. (Evie found this quite hard on the laptop and I wonder if maybe on a tablet it would be easier?) They then move on to create their unique animal. Evie was tasked with designing a penguin come rabbit and I helped her create the image she had in her head. A black and white penguin body with rabbit ears, whiskers, a pink beak and big rabbit feet, joined like a penguin so it can waddle along!!

Your child's writing skills are then put to use, by adding short sentences about the animal they have created. With tips to perfect their writing skills as they go along. Hints like 'Remeber names have capital letter at the begining.' and 'sentences end with a full stop'. These really helped Evie and she remembered everything she was learning as she went.  Once done they have the chance to edit their writing and earn more orbs by following some extra goals given like add some adjectives, or add some verbs.

The Night Zookeeper's main portal contains a varitey of games based on English and grammar, such as Word Climb, Volcano Word Hop and Sentence Dash as well as lessons to complete. I would highly recommend this website for anyone who want to encourage creativity, imagination, learning and assist with reading and writing throughout the summer holidays and beyond.

There is really so much to keep every child busy for the whole of the summer.  If you would like to get your child involved with Night Zoo Keeper use the code ‘lovewriting’ for a 30% discount.