Angry Birds 2 - All New Toys For 2019

I don't think I need to explain to you what Angry Birds is, I am more than positive that you already know seeing as since the app hit our phones back in 2009, (seriously, I am having a huge what the heck moment), there have been another 20+ apps, 7 cartoon adaptations, 8 theme park attractions around the world, and with the brand new Angry Birds 2 movie release earlier this month, 2 movies! I mean, those birds really are a force to be reckoned with! To celebrate the launch of the new movie Jazwares sent us some of the new toys for the kids to have a play with....

Disclaimer: We were sent the following toys free of charge in return for an honest review. 
All photos, words and opinions are our own.

The all new toy collection for 2019 includes Splat Balls, Catablind collectable figures, plushes,  figure packs, and a super cool looking Pig City Build N’ Launch playset (we didn't recieve this, but it has made its way on to Jenson's mental Christmas list!) . And with a selection of the Angry Birds toys coming with digital unlock features the fun can continue with exclusive game content on the brand new augmented reality app Angry Birds Explore.

As soon as we opened up our box of goodies Jenson, who is a sucker for soft toys, was desperate to get into the talking Red! With 5 angry grunting sounds, bushy eyesbrows and funny sprout of hair, he has made it onto the coveted space on Jenson's bed! He may well be 8 but that hasn't stopped him bringing it everywhere with us, Tesco, football tournaments, trips out in the name it, its with us!

Next up Jenson tore into the splat ball, there are 4 to collect and let me tell you the kids loved this! I say loved and use past tense because unfortunately one night whilst watching TV (in fact we were watching the Angry Birds movie!)  Jenson, apparently, squished the ball so hard that it burst.

The splat balls are those cool toys that stick to the wall and ceiling when you throw them, and the kids had loads of fun chucking it up and seeing who could catch it ***plot twist...none of them could catch it, they were too busy pushing each other out of the way and arguing over who's turn it was to throw it next!

Next up, Jenson realised there was a new game, Angry Birds Explore, and he some how managed to bribe me to download it onto my phone as it isn't available on the Amazon Fire Tablets, which is a shame, so as we downloaded the game Jenson found the scannable cards ready to scan the Jazwares EXCLUSIVE game content. With the fun augmented reality aspect to it, and the exclusive games, as well as the standard content, the app has kept him quite for ages over the last week or so! He also used the game pack figures in the AR mode, making up his own little stories as he went along. (I did film a clip but he has refused to let me share it online for some reason!)

Jenson has had so much fun with his new Angry Birds 2 toys, he can't wait for the film to come to our local cinema, in the meantime he will play on his apps and with his toys. And watch the first Angry Birds film countless times whilst memorizing it words for word!

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