Sri Toys Wooden Red Riding Hood Play Set | Review

Some toys come and go, some toys last a whole childhood. When I think of toys that will last the test of time, I always think of wooden toys. So when Sri Toys got in touch and asked if we would like to review a play set, of course I said yes! I knew the kids would love to have something new to play with over the summer and as they love small world play I was really hoping we would get sent one of the gorgeous story themed play sets that Sri Toys sell....

Imagine my delight when our package arrived, and we had been sent the gorgeous Red Riding Hood play set (which after a little bit of google searching around I finally managed to find a price for! £25.99 on the UK website, Sri Toys UK though wasn't coming up on the first 2 pages of Google though, and I only managed to find the website by searching the brand and the play set, you can not find prices on the international website, nor any links to regional websites, at one point I even managed to make an order whilst trying to find out a price, so do make sure you are on the right website if you want to purchase! This is just a little something I thought I would mention, it was probably me just being really (really) stupid, just in case you find your self in the same boat as me!!

Any ways on with the review...

The set arrived in a small wooden fold out box, nothing spectacular,  with a small piece of tissue in between each layer of the house and roof (you build the house yourself, each time you want to play) I was surprised that there was no breakages in our package as their was no bubble wrap or anything to protect it from, umm shall we say hapless postmen! The mini monsters wanted to play with the playset straight away, I mean who wouldn't, the handcrafted wooden pieces are bright and inviting and just make you want to get your 'oh Grandma, your ears are so big' on straight away!!

Jenson (6) was able to follow the simple picture instructions to put the house together himself, the girls did need some help, but as it takes just 30 seconds it isn't a major piece of work and play soon commenced!

They monsters have played with this is so many different ways, they have played together, they have played alone, they have used it with the story book (not included!) and they have retold the story independently, they have made up there own stories, they have played guess who, where they hide a piece behind their back and described who they have got so that the others can guess! They have continued the story in their play using hooded jumpers to be Red Riding Hood, they have drawn multiple pictures of wolves, forests, red riding hood etc. 

This has given so much more opportunity for play that even I could have thought of! It just goes to show with the magic of a child's imagination all you need is a simple wooden toy to spark it!

Disclaimer: We were sent this toy to review, all photos and thoughts are our own.

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  1. I LOVE this so much - this and the seven dwarfs one looks superb. It's on the wishlist for christmas time I think here


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