Spring Garden Sensory Bin

Spring is finally in sight! It's just around the corner, so I thought I would kick od the season with a simple, but pretty, spring garden sensory bin...

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You will need:

Coco Pops (or similar cereal)
Green shredded paper
Craft flowers
Mini Buckets

I used a roasting tray, you can use any kind of box.

Put a layer of coco pops in the bottom of your tray, cover half with the green shredded paper and top with your craft flowers. Add the buckets and you are ready to play.

Elsie loved this sensory bin! As much as she loved it because she could eat it she also loved filling the buckets and emptying them again! She also enjoyed hiding the flowers under the 'mud' and searching for them again.

I also found that she has started 'counting' with the flowers. OK so her counting consists of '2, 2, 2, 3' but she has gained an understanding of numbers and it is something we can work on now as our activity plan goes on.

Jenson asked if he could have some sticks and glue to make his flowers 'grow' they look great in our sensory bin (and I kinda wish I had thought of it!)

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  1. We have been playing with shredded paper this week to - it's a big hit! Love the coco pops - bet it smells fab. Will have to try that. Thanks for hosting x

  2. Love it! The coco pops looks just brilliant x

  3. Wow what a fab idea! I. Always looking for new things to do with Elliott so think we will try this! Thanks for sharing! Suz x beauisblue.com

  4. What a fab idea! I thought it was a real garden at first glance! #bitsleepseprived


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