Easy Halloween 'Mummy' Bunting.

I have already told you that I love homemade stuff for Halloween so this week we have made our own hunting. It was really easy to use and kept the monsters busy for 3 separate occasions, so as much as it sounds like a FAFF I think the end result of our Mummy bunting is awesome! 

What you need:
Precut people we got ours from Poundland (or if your able to make them by all means do, you will need thick card) 
Black paint 
White paint 
Googly eyes 
Ribbon of some sort
Sticky tape

Our little video shows you how to create the perfect Mummy bunting...

So its as easy as that, paint black...dry...use your finger to create white stripes across your 'Mummy'...dry...add 2 googly eyes...attach to ribbon/string etc...hang from your wall!

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