Activity Time. Under The Sea Tissue Painting Canvas Wall Art

We love tissue paper painting it is one of our most favourite go to rainy day painting activities. So when I heard about the EmmaOwl Paint-a-Thon 2016, I knew I just had to share our most favourite way to paint!

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To make this super cute and really easy wall art all you need is

A4 canvas
Blue tissue paper cut or tore up into rectangles and squares

optional: Under the Sea stickers

This seriously could not be any easier! Start by covering your canvas in water using a thick/chubby paintbrush. Take your tissue shapes, and place them all over your canvas until it is completely covered. You might find that the canvas has started to dry out, in which case dab with a bit more water as you go along.

Now leave to dry (we watched Finding Nemo whilst we waited!) and then simply peel away the layers of tissue paper to discover an under the sea world that is just waiting for some sea life friends (stickers!) to be added.

The monsters have this on their bedroom wall as they love it so much! Why not try it out with lots of different colours and try out your own magical process art.

Be sure to go and check out emmaowl for more than 200 painting ideas for children, click the image below to go straight there!

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  1. Tissue Painting is such a wonderful way to make water! Love this idea!


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