Budget Family Meal Plan w/c 05/01/2019

New year and back to the meal planning, Christmas is over, indulgences all over with, I enjoyed it but must say...I don't think I could eat another mince pie or drink another glass of prosecco if I tried (I'm not a big drinker!), we have probably spent the equivalent of a months shopping budget on food just for 1 week, I clearly did a rubbish job of 'not going mad this year' so we are ready to pull the budget back in and  get back to some meal planning....

I started failing at meal planning the last part of the year because of all the kids after school clubs, so I must remember to include a couple of slow cooker meals, especially for days when the kids have football training and we are kind of all eating at different times. (Serious if you don't own a slow cooker you NEED to get one!!)

Let me know in the comments what your meal plans are this week. Also pop on over to our YouTube channel as there is a Grocery Haul over there and a few family meal idea videos. I will also be filming this weeks meals, so if you don't already be sure to hit subscribe and click the bell notification! 

Crunch and Crisp French Toast

If you have followed me for a while you will know my mini monsters love a weekend breakfast treat and this brunch is most definitely a treat that they love! Cornflakes are the key to the crunch in this amazing - try it this weekend - french toast recipe!

FREE 7 Day Family Meal Plan PLUS Printable Shopping List And Meal Plan! #1

This post is is something I have wanted to start up for ages! I LOVE meal planning, I love budgeting, I love providing my Instagram followers with easy no food waste ideas, and I love sharing meals idea on our YouTube channel, so it was only natural that this would progress to my blog, especially as I have been absent over here for so long! So without further ado, every month I will share a 7 day meal plan, along with a printable shopping list and meal plan, so you can read, print, shop and cook along with me!

So as we move through the weeks, eventually your kitchen cupboards will have the basics, you may already have some basics in, so each week I want you to go check your cupboards, fridge and freezer and cross of anything you already have in! There is no point in buying olive oil or veg if you already have plenty in! Not only will this ensure that when you come to do your 6 monthly cupboard clear out (more on this in the New Year!) you are not finding foods that are years old, it means that you are spending less each week too! I now have a big enough inventory that means some weeks we can get our shop for around £25 a week...for 6 of us!

My Top 10 Christmas Picks from the Asda (all under £10)

Hands up who is obsessed with window shopping for Christmassy bits? I've trawled some of my fave websites and chose my top picks (under £10) for Christmas 2018. No ads, no sponsorship, no gifted items. Just what I have found and loved, this week I am sharing my top Christmas picks from Asda.

Family Meal Plan #NoFoodWaste -2

It's no secret that the world is currently going zero waste crazy right now (and quite rightly) and whilst our house and family are so (so so so) far from being plastic free and completely zero waste in our house, one way we have started to make a change is by cutting back on the amount of food we throw away. Hands up if you cook a Sunday roast and throw the leftovers rest get left to go off and eventually get thrown in the bin, whether that be Sunday night or later in the week when you realise that you put that leftover meat in the fridge but forgot to use it?? We have all done it. All of us...but by making one small change to the way you meal plan and shop,  your food waste, and consequently, your food bill can drop dramatically. Every week I'm going to share our meal plan that shows just how I am doing this.

Then once a month over on YouTube I will share a week of family meal ideas, and a grocery haul. And then over here on the blog I will share a meal plan each week and a recipe post that will show you how to get the most from your meal plan. And if you follow us over on Instagram, I occasionally share our food in stories (when I remember!) 

My Top 10 Christmas Picks from the Wish App (all under £10)

I'm probably a little late in the day for this Christmas picks from the wish app, BUT if you are quick and order now they could reach you in time for Christmas and if not, heck at under £10 you can put them away for next year! I know that wish can be a little bit hit and miss but I've never actually had a problem. Let me know if you have used the app and what your experience was.

The ONLY Gift Guide For Young Teen Girls (13-15) You Need This Christmas!

I’ve been looking around for gift ideas for Ellie for Christmas and...well can I be honest...it seems like LOTS of the ones I have seen are full of PR gifts and brand gifted items. Soooo...I thought I’d write my own teen girls gift guide and so I trawled loads of websites and found loads of things in a range of prices, all stuff I know Ellie, and any teen girl, would love. I’ve even put bits on here that Ellie actually owns and loves. What’s more I asked Ellie for opinions and she came over and marked all of the items out of 10 so you can be sure that girls will absolutely love your gift.