Celebrating National Sibling Day with Baby Born

Recently Baby Born got in touch and asked if we would help them spread some sibling love this #NationalSiblingDay. My guys love to play dolls, in fact its what my girls do most. (Jenson used to love playing dolls but hes recently started to outgrow this, sob!) in fact when ever we go in any kind of toy shop they try and get the latest doll, or accessory. 

Geomag Panels and Mechanics | Review & Giveaway

My kids love building lego, in fact,  lately the toys they love to play with most is almost always STEM based, so when I got an email with the chance to review Geomag (something that had come up on birthday and Christmas lists before!) I knew the kids would be so so pleased if I said yes! When our package arrived and we unpacked the Geomag Panels 464 set (192 pieces) and the Geomags Mechanics set (86 pieces) the kids couldn't wait to get in the boxes and nagged me all week until we got a chance at the weekend to open them!

We were sent this item free for the purpose of this review, all words, photos and thoughts are my own. 

12 Months of Random Acts of Kindess for 2018

So by now my regular readers and followers will know that it has been a while since I posted. In fact I haven't posted since September. Over 3 months since my last blog post. 3 months since my last video even. And Instagram? Well over on Instagram I've only shared a snippet of our life. The laptop has barely opened and so right now as I type, it all feels strange, yet also feels like I am where I am meant to be, speaking of meant to be, the new year upon us has, obviously, got me thinking about a whole host of things. But especially where I want to be, New Years resolutions have been put in place (I shan't bore you with the list of the usual...gym, me time, blah blah and more blah!) But what I did think I would share with you is this list (and FREE printable planner) of 12 ways me and the monsters are going to pay it forward in 2018, or at least try too, with these 12 random acts of kindness, month by month.

Random acts of kindess for 2018. 12 ideas families can complete.

My Little Pony Movie GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

As adults, well as parents, I think its safe to say we live in a time when nostalgia is high. I don't really remember it being like this when I was small. In the 80's when my Mum spoke of Andy Pandy and the pigs who sang (I truely cant remember there name...someone remind me?) and a horse who danced, I don't recall her being able to show me them, zoom forward to today and when I tell my kids about Button Moon, Fraggle Rock and Rainbow Brite I can log onto YouTube and they can watch episodes, I can hop on ebay and buy them the toys I played with. Today's kids get the full experience. Books, toys, clothing if they want, its all there with the click of a few buttons!

I remember Ellie being small, and although she is only 13, the internet wasn't this big thing it is now. It was still new, it was still this strange place where you didn't really trust putting bank details in.  But there was one thing I searched high and low for...My Little Pony - The Magic Coins DVD. Its one thing I vividly remember from my childhood. Sat on the sofa, snuggled up to a bright orange cushion, under a duvet with chicken pox (this is exactly how I remember it, whether this memory is correct or a mish mash of a few memories is another thing!). 

So when Evie and Elsie recently developed a passion for the (all new!) My Little Pony crew, well you can imagine my delight! And you can imagine how excited we were when Egmont Publishing got in touch and asked if we would like to be sent a bundle of My Little Pony Movie books, I knew the kids would love them so off course I said yes! And when they asked if my readers would like to win a bundle of books, again, off course I said yes! Just fill in the Gleam widget at the bottom of this post and a winner will be announced at the weekend (26th November 2017).

So whats included in the prize bundle?

In this all new book, a retelling of the movie - A new dark force threatens Ponyville and we join Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity – embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria, where they meet new friends and take on exciting challenges on a quest to use the Magic of Friendship and save their home.

This book was a perfect introduction to the movie, Elsie especially has enjoyed the book and we have read it many a time! I must admit its a great story, for both a book and a movie!

Again, this book tells the story of the movie in book form, but with a twist! At the end of each page you are asked to search the pages for certain things, this could be a certain pony. It could be a bird! Turn the pages and find out what you need to find, ohh not forgetting the Rarity figure you get with the book (maybe she will help you!) 

This was without a doubt the mini's favourite from the collection! I mean, off course it is! Show me a 4 and 5 year old who dont like a sticker! And this book has 1000, and puzzles, colouring pages and more!

Another book that retells the story, but in this one you can colour in the pictures as you go, and the stickers included are of epic proportion!!

Now lets face it, you came here for the giveaway...so here it is! And remember to keep an eye on your emails on Sunday night, I'll be emailing the winner then!

How To Start A Painted Rock Community PLUS Painted Rock Ideas To Get You Started

At the end of summer I noticed a group that kept popping up on my Facebook, it was a group about making someone smile by hiding a painted/decorated rock and I really wanted to be a part of it-except this group was the other side of the country- I didn't let this beat me though, I collected some rocks and me and the kids set about decorating them, then with hope in our hearts we set of and hid them, we got home and opened a Facebook page, Skegness Rocks, and I added my friends, whilst my anxiety nagged in my head that they would all think I was completely of my rocker I pushed these thoughts out of my head, and then, something I truly never believed would happen, happened, and they started adding their friends, and within 7 days we had a thousand members.  And not only were they adding friends they were getting involved too, and in that week the community had racked up over 100 stones, scattered around our little seaside town.

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Luvabella Review

Imagine my delight when we were asked by Spinmaster to review the brand new, and just released, Luvabella doll! /you haven't heard of Luvabella? Where have you been! She is set to be the NUMBER ONE selling toy for Christmas 2017 and, let me tell you this doll has caused some controversy since a video of the prototype went viral on Facebook at the beginning of the year! Why? Well, with her true-to-life facial expressions and personality! Not only does she move, talk and play just like a real baby. Through touch and play she affectionately responds to your love from the moment she opens her eyes and giggles, even learning new skills, just like a real baby! So what did we think? How did we get on? And, more to the point is Luvabella worth her £99.99 price tag? Read on to find out...

£75 Argos Gift Card Giveaway | Chad Valley Play Panel

This time last year I excitedly told you about becoming part of the Chad Valley Play Panel. Well, I am thrilled to announce that for the second year running Chad Valley asked us (or at least the mini monsters) to join the panel again! AND to kick everything off and celebrate in style Argos, the home of over 400 Chad Valley toys, have given us one £75 Argos gift card to giveaway to one lucky winner.