#5 5 Essentials For….Painting with Babies & Toddlers with Clares Little Tots

Remember back in November I started this series? And then bloggers block hit and I couldn't even bare to open the laptop let alone open blogger. But that little break means that I have come back for 2017 and I am ready and raring to go! This week I am handing over to Clare from Clares Little Tots who is sharing her 5 essentials for painting with babies and toddlers...

Review. Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck

We have been big fans of Num Noms since they launched last spring so it was obvious that Evie would have the Lip Gloss Truck on her Christmas list! So when the guys over at Num Noms sent us one over she was one very  happy little girl! She had been desperate to rip that box open from the minute she received it, so how did it go down, and did she love it as much as we thought she would?

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Living Arrows 03/52

For this weeks Living Arrows, I thought I would share a quick insight into how each of my little monsters like to spend their weekends. Individually they all love different things, yet at the same time, if I was to suggest we do something together, like lets go to the beach, they would all be loving the same thing!

This week Evie has been loving her Num Noms, she has not put them down! She got the lip gloss truck for Christmas, and we actually only just got around to opening it, so she spent the whole of the weekend playing with it. Jenson loves to do anything that he can join an adult doing. So whether that be going for a coffee (milkshake for him!), or washing the car, if he gets one on one time with an adult he is winning in his eyes!

Ellie is your typical pre-teen, straightening her hair, or trying out a new hair do. Playing around with make up, watching her favourite YouTubers. She would spend her day in her room if you let her! And Elsie? Where ever she is you can be sure that her doll isn't far behind! 

Living Arrows

Dressing Gowns, YouTube and 90s Nostalgia! #LittleLoves

In a bid to get me writing more (did you notice I have been a little quiet the last few months) I am trying to join a few linkys, one I have dipped my toe in a couple of times in the past 2 years is Little Loves. So here I am again, hoping that I will be able to keep up with the weekly linky! I'd love to here what you have been loving this week (or month) let me know in the comments below won't you...


I read this post 'I Suck At Being A Friend Right Now' a few days ago, and I can't get it out of my head. I could totally have written this post myself. I feel like I suck at being a friend right now. My life is pretty busy at the minute, and with Elsie starting preschool we have a whole new routine to get used to on top of trying to get back into a work/blogging routine. Life is CRAY right now, but I promise, too all the friends I have been sh*t to lately. That message you sent me? I will reply I promise!


If you know me you will know I'm a YouTube gal, most evenings you will find me catching up on YouTube rather than actual TV.  This week I have been on a major catch up after not actually having watched anything since Christmas! I am LOVING Jessica Avey's (above) channel right now, ohhh and Natasha Bailie is also a fave. And I couldn't mention my fave YouTubers and not mention The Michalaks.


After seeing a video with hits from 1997 on Facebook at the beginning of the week, I have been on a bit of a nostalgic journey and have listened to LOTS of 90's playlists on Google Play Music. It has taken me back to been a 14 year old sat in her bedroom recording the radio one top 40!


We made these yummy peanut butter puffs. The kids loved them so much that they have begged me to make more!


My dressing gown. Literally I tell no lie, I have lived in my dressing gown this week! Whether I am wearing PJ's or actual clothes, you can bet your bottom dollar I've had a dressing gown over the top.

And lastly....

I'm loving capturing little moments, I have decided to join a few photo projects and I feel like, remember when you was a teen and had your 'film' camera and you snapped away at everything, you didn't care if the shot was perfect, if so and so's hand was looking awkward. I feel like I have a 'film' camera in my hand, and I'm just snapping the moments, and loving it!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Meal Plan Monday 16th January

This week I meal planned with a difference! The kids helped, they all chose their fave foods and I filled in the blanks. Ellie wanted tuna pasta, Evie wanted fish fingers, Jenson wanted me to make a pie and Elsie wanted hot dogs. Then I searched the fridge, freezer and cupboards and filled in the blanks! I actually think I am going to swap around Thursday and Monday as we have loads of chicken left over from yesterdays Sunday roast, it seems a shame to throw it out and buy more chicken.

This week I thought I would share some of the bargains I found this week, I am unsure how long these deals last, but at time of writing (Monday 16th January 2017) prices were correct.

Whole Chickens -£2.50 Rasmussens (was £4)

500g Fillets - £2 Iceland (was £3)

Large Yorkie Puds - 29p Heron

Ragu Pasta Bake Sauces - 59p each or 2 jars for £1 Heron

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