DIY Trick or Treat Bags for Kids Make and Bake Club #BostikBloggers

We love Halloween in our house, it's our most favourite seasonal event (after Christmas of course!) and as we love all things crafty we also love to make our own Halloween bits and bobs too. Last year we made paper pumpkins for the fireplace and window ledges and we made the cutest Halloween Mummy Bunting for the playroom. This year we have made a trick or treaters tin can alley game and we have also made these cute trick or treaters bags...

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All you need for this craft is white paper bags (why not ask in the local takeaway of they could spare one!) and either homemade cardboard stencils (made from an old cereal box) or foam Halloween shapes. You could also use paint instead of Blo Pens.

All you need to do is use Blu Tack to stick down the stencil/foam shape and then use the Blo Pen's to shade around the outside, we used orange and black for a real Halloween effect!

Watch Jenson and Evie show you just how easy it is to make your own trick or treat bag in our video we made for the Kids Make and Bake Club. Remember to subscribe for weekly uploads every Monday evening at 6pm. You can also share your creations with Kids Make and Bake on Instagram and Twitter just use the hashtag #KidsMakeandBakeClub so we can see what you have been making and baking!

5 School Disco Guilty Pleasures!

I was recently asked to create a music playlist, 5 school disco guilty pleasure's. Easy, or at least, I thought it was going to be easy. But whittling it down to just five was actuallyreally hard. My music collection is quite broad. Our CD collection holds everything from The Time Warp through to Tiesto (who ever knew they would be in the same sentence!) so without further ado here are the five tracks I chose, most of them (OK all of them) revolve around getting drunk with friends...

Number 1 on my list will always, and has always been The Jam - A Town Called Malice, I may not have been born when it was released but I am a HUGE fan of The Jam and Paul Weller and it's the song I always used to ask the DJ to play first. It holds many a happy memory....ahhh fun times!

Next up, Queen - Don't Stop Me Now I love this song so much! It's a good one to get me on the dance floor!

A bit more up to date now* and, another one that will always get me on the dance floor is David Guetta - Sexy B*tch, serious I have so much excitement just thinking about this song! Takes me all the way back to 2009, quite literally the BEST summer of my life, when me and my sister used to sing it to each other drunk! Weird? Probs, but she was and still is my best friend!!! 

*Hang on....did I just say more up to date? How was this 8 years ago! EEEPPPSS!!

Talking of 2009. . .me and my friends changed the words to Brian Adams - Summer of '69 to Summer of '09 and made it our anthem that year! Ahhhh good times!

The last one is so hard to chose, I have a choice of three...its so hard to just chose 5, would you be able to do it? I would love to hear your 5 so please leave me a comment in the box below, I'm actually going to go with The Killers - Mr Brightside, because it is a song that will alway always ALWAYS get me smiling!

Listening to all these songs has made me think about updating my CD collection for the car, we don't tend to have CD's in the house anymore as a lot of our music we listen to through YouTube but I think that CD's will always have a place in the car! Right? 

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#ToddlerApprovedTuesday #88

Welcome back to Toddler Approved Tuesday, the weekly link-up for you to share everything your little ones, 0-5, have been loving! Have you enjoyed a day out recently and your little one loved it? Maybe you made something awesome and your little tot enjoyed it? Maybe you spend half term week doing something really awesome and want to share it! Come and share your posts with myself and Clare, from Clares Little Tots, we would love to see your posts, old posts welcome too.

So you know last week when I said I wanted to up the ante with Elsie? It still hasn't happened! But I have grabbed the planner and it is sat next to me waiting to be filled in! I have lots of ideas that I can't wait to get started (our theme next week is monsters as Elsie is currently OBSESSED with Halloween, which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram). So if you have any posts hidden on your blog, share them below and inspire me some more!

This week I am sharing our Halloween Tin Can Alley, what a perfect way to kick off the Halloween season with this awesome gross motor activity. And Clare is sharing a yummy Chocolate Hedgehog cake recipe!

My faourites last week were Cook with Toddlers 4 ingredient recipe challenge! What a brilliant idea, we will definitly be taking part (but I best be quick it closes on 30th September!) and I also really loved Let Them Be Small Number Jungle Sensory Bin! I can't wait to try this with Evie, who struggles to recognise numbers!

Now it's your turn! Remember if you have a Monster activity hiding in your archives go find it and link that up too!!



5 Ideas For...Homemade Juices and Smoothies

It has been so so long since I last shared a 5 Ideas For post, and I forgot how much I enjoy seeking out blog posts to share with you all. This week I am making a promise to share a 5 ideas for post at least once a fortnight and this week I thought I would share 5 of the monsters favourite juices and smoothies.

1. Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice My Frugal Adventures

2. Watermelon Smoothie Eats Amazing

3. Carrot and Orange Juice My Fussy Eater

This last one isnt strictly a juice, or a smoothie but I know that if I gave it to my monsters they would be fooled into thinking it was actually juice! So I am going to include it...

I would love to know your favourite juice or smoothie recipe, leave me a comment below! Don't have a juicer why not check out juicers by Panasonic, they have just unveiled the juicer of all juicers for delicious, healthy fresh drinks and frozen desserts. Compact, quiet and easy to handle and if you are partial to a morning orange juice or two it features stainless steel screw rotates to extract maximum juice all the while retaining important vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants! Buy it here:

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Halloween Tin Can Alley For Kids Make and Bake

It's September, and almost the end of the month at that so I am sure that you won't mind me talking Halloween! The shops are full of tricks and treats, but you can also make so much stuff from the comfort of your own home and costs from as little as looking in the recycling box! This tan can alley game is a fun make or kids and is perfect for a Halloween party too!

You Need:
6 tin cans
Felt in a choice of Halloween colours

Now just cut your felt to size and cut out the features for your chosen characters. Starting with the base and then the features, stick it all onto the clean (remember to sand the rim) tin can. Leave them to dry, pile in a pyramid, grab a ball and you are ready to play!

Why not set it outside on Halloween night, half fill them with treats and make those trick or treaters work for their treats, they win what they empty!!

Remember to subscribe to the Kids Make and Bake Channel uploads every Monday at 6pm and check out the brand new monthly week of feature challenges! Check out the Challenge's here.


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