Chad Valley Pop Up Shop Review #ChadValleyPlayPanel

We recently received our final package as part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, we received lots of lovely things but the one that has gotten the most play this half term was the Chad Valley Pop Up Shop Play Tent  (its really been a savior for the mot boring half term ever!!)

Mothers Day Wish List

Mothers Day is just around the corner so it has got me thinking about gifts I would like to receive, now don't get me wrong I would be happy with a piece of A4 paper folded in half with the kids scribble art work on the front, and a home made cup cake. But I mean, online shopping is a guilty pleasure of mine so here is a little wish list with some gifts I think are perfect for Mothers Day...

Recipe. Valentines Inspired Popcorn Mix

Valentines and date nights go hand in hand right? If your Valentines is anything like mine it will probably involve a movie (that probably isn't in the slightest romantic!)  this popcorn mix is the perfect accompaniment, whether your movie night is a couple only affair or even if the whole family is involved!

5 Ideas For...Family Valentines Movies

Valentine's Day, you either love it or hate it! I, my friends am a lover! I can not get enough of red hearts, chocolates, cupids and Valentines tat that I don't really need! I have always celebrated it with the kids too, before I get jumped on by the Valentines haters, we don't go crazy and they don't get gifts but we sit together and make cards and we show our appreciation for the ones we love, although to be fair, Evie and Jenson make millions of 'cards' for us every day and Ellie is always drawing special pictures for me. This year we will celebrate with a family movie night with popcorn and snacks, here are the movie's that have made the short list...

Recipe. Valentines Tortilla Chips

I do love a good excuse to get all soppy and have a date night at home! So with Valentines around the corner I have been thinking about what I can make for next weeks Valentines Day. I came up with these yummy Valentines inspired tortilla chips.  Love heart shaped and a perfect starter for an at home Valentines meal, failing that the perfect snack for kids! (Who, may I add loved these and gobbled them up faster than I could make them!)

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