Colour Word Match Spider Busy Bag

I got the idea from this after seeing this fab post over on Tiny Tots Adventure. Jenson is currently doing great at school with sounding phonics etc and he is OBSESSED with asking 'how do you spell' games. So I thought this would be a great one for him, as well as Elsie who is starting to recognise colours and she also loves matching games!

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What you need:

Black card
Googly eyes (click to buy) 
8 Sticky labels (click to buy)
8 different Coloured marker pens (click to buy)
Black marker pen
8 Wooden pegs (click to buy)

Ziploc Bag to store your spider and pegs

Colour your 8 sticky labels each a different colour. Then grab your pegs and on one side of them write the colour (use the coloured pens for this part) of the pen ie: red with the red pen, blue with the blue pen etc then flip the pegs over and using the black pen write the colours again. This will make the game a little harder for older children,  who will have to sound out the word rather than just looking at the colour!

Draw around a saucer on your black card and cut it out. Stick on some googly eyes and add your 8 labels to the sides of the spider. (as shown in the photos below)

On the other side of your spider why not add more stickers with numbers, and mark your pegs with corresponding spots too...

Pop all of the bits in a Ziploc bag, this makes it easier to grab. Busy bags make the perfect alternative to an iPad to take out to restaurants, for trips in the car etc. There are more busy bag ideas here.

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