Valentines Chocolate and Candy Popsicles

Taking inspiration (OK copying) from our Christmas Candy Cane Chocolate Lollies we used up the last of our candy canes to make these super sweet and very cute white chocolate Valentines Candy Heart Popsicles...

What You Need (makes 5): 

White chocolate (280g)
10 candy canes
Heart sprinkles (we got ours from Poundland)
Love Heart's sweets
Lolly sticks

Cellophane bags, washi tape, ribbon and tags to wrap.

Melt your chocolate and whilst it is cooling to room temperature grab your candy canes and arrange them as as a love heart with a lolly stick in the centre (as shown)

Spoon the chocolate into the centre of your heart and carefully place the Love Hearts and the sprinkles onto the top of the chocolate, you need to work fast as the chocolate is going to set pretty quickly!

Pop in the freezer for 15 minute to set the chocolate. Then wrap them ready to give to your special Valentine!

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