Where To Buy Kids Clothes During Lockdown

It's been a long 13 weeks of lockdown, and where some non essential clothing shops may be opening now, it doesnt mean that we are all ready to head out to the high street and shop. I, for one, am just not ready to be wandering around shops, I just don't feel safe enough just yet. But, in those 13 weeks, 2 main things have happened, my kids have obviously grown, and the major change in seasons. When lockdown began it was all winter coats, trousers and boots, and as lockdown has dragged on we find ourselves wanting shorts and sliders. But where to shop? I've listed 5 ideas for anyone needing to fill their kiddos wardrobes...

1. eBay

My current fave, I can't go into my fave charity shops for bargains so eBay is the one for me right now. Save money by finding sellers selling multiple items you like and message them and ask about combined postage, I am yet to find a seller who says no. Be aware though that sellers may only do 1 post a week or fortnight due to the current situation. 

2. Facebook marketplace

OK, so this one depends on personal preference, as you may not fancy driving around to collect stuff. But I have found most sellers (including myself) are offering PayPal as a payment method and will doorstep deliver, or pop your bits outside in a bag when they know you are on the way. 

3. Catalogues. 

Again, this might not be for you. But if you can't afford to pay for your items in one go BUT, a big but, you can keep up with monthly or weekly repayments then pay weekly catalogues may be an option for you. Unlike eBay and Facebook you have the option to buy brand new as well as trying before you buy and easy returns.

4. App shops, like shein, wish etc

OK so app shops get a bit of a bad rap but actually I am always pleasantly surprised. Be sure to read item reviews and remember that on apps like wish you pay postage per item, which will hike the price up a bit. Shein is a current fave of mine for both me and the kids - and I find they always have a discount code, I've also found that I don't really wait any longer than 10 days for my items, unlike the long wait from wish. 

5. Supermarkets

This one is a given right? Affordable good quality clothes are available in the majority of supermarkets. Definitely worth giving a try if you are out doing your weekly shop.