DIY Garden Improvements

Our garden has long been a bug bear of mine. It floods in any amount of heavy rain and is generally ugly (sorry garden!), it has never been a place I want to spend a lot of time - but then lockdown happened, and we had no choice! The more time we have spent out there the more I want to do something with it. If you have clicked to read this post I am assuming you are too looking at ways you can improve your garden without paying out for a tradesman. Here are 3 ways we looked at that you might want to think about too.

Where To Buy Kids Clothes During Lockdown

It's been a long 13 weeks of lockdown, and where some non essential clothing shops may be opening now, it doesnt mean that we are all ready to head out to the high street and shop. I, for one, am just not ready to be wandering around shops, I just don't feel safe enough just yet. But, in those 13 weeks, 2 main things have happened, my kids have obviously grown, and the major change in seasons. When lockdown began it was all winter coats, trousers and boots, and as lockdown has dragged on we find ourselves wanting shorts and sliders. But where to shop? I've listed 5 ideas for anyone needing to fill their kiddos wardrobes...