Meat Free BUDGET Meal Plan #56

We started meal planning on and off about 3 or 4 years ago but I have been making regular weekly meal plans for the last 18 months. By planning our meals, making, and sticking to, a shopping list our food shop costs have dropped from £120 a week to around £60-80 a week, which is a great saving in itself yet by also changing the day and time we shop, from a Saturday afternoon to a Friday night, we have reduced our food shop BY HALF again, and so now our shop each week comes to between £30 and £45. I highly recommend heading out to the supermarkets for the end of day yellow sticker bargains if you can, both me and Dean used to turn our nose up at the people hanging around for the reduction's trolley, but how wrong we were! I will get around to writing a post and maybe filming a video to tell you how to shop yellow sticker stuff smartly, I promise!

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Last week we did meat free and oh my gosh, we really didn't miss the meat! Its funny how you can have all the same food's but with a good selection of herbs and spices you can make completely different meals every night! In fact, it went so well, that we are doing meat free again this week!


Saturday - Pancakes

It's been at least 2 weeks since we had pancakes, so ya'know! Its time! Shall makeup enough mixture for midweek pancakes too!

Sunday - Mini frittatas and beans

Again, I will make up a big batch of frittatas and keep them in the fridge for the whole week, the kiddos can just grab them out of the fridge Mon-Friday, along with the usual cereal and toast.


Lunch for the kids will be something a little different, they love the salad bar from Morrisons, so I thought some salad boxes in their lunch boxes would be fun. Over the weekend I will prep EVERYTHING, cucumber sticks, carrot, hard-boiled eggs, some pasta salad, maybe some potato salad too, and just have them easy to grab out of the fridge. I saw Emily Norris do a week's meal prep and I can't lie, I am living for it! Do you meal prep for the week? Any tips?

For me, I will do a mix of salads, and for tea one night I am making a leek and potato soup, and pasta I am sure there will be plenty left, so I can have these during the week too.


Saturday - Creamy veg pasta/ Roasted veg with tomato sauce pasta and garlic bread

We all love pasta, and last week I made 2 different pastas instead of 1 huge pasta, it went down really well so shall try that again this week. Leftovers will be perfect for my lunch. 

Sunday - Leek galette with steamed veg and herby baby potatoes

A quick and easy meat free Sunday dinner, a galette is a super easy and light kind of puff pastry pie.

Monday - Leek and potato soup with crusty bread.

OK, so I bought loads of leeks reduced (yellow sticker obvs!) with this in mind! A yummy soup to warm the kiddos up before football, and as I said above, my lunch for the week!

Tuesday - Lemon and herb roasted veg, cous cous, halloumi and flatbreads.

I'm not sure how this will go down with the kids, so shall have jacket potatoes in the slow cooker, if they don't eat this they can have jackets. If they do eat this, the potatoes can be for my lunch the next week!

Wednesday - Pesto pasta.

Yep more pasta! What can I say, we love pasta!

Thursday - Meneman/Shakshuka

OK so, I saw this recipe, and I was like hmmm isn't that just shakshuka? And yup, it kind of seems it is! I've looked at various recipes and it would seem that it's the same as the Dutch baby pancake/Yorkshire pudding argument! Either way, it's a tomatoey kinda stew with eggs. I will serve it with some breads etc to dip.

Friday - Mixed bean nacho tray bake

It would seem that Friday has become nacho night! This is the 3rd week we will have had nachos on a Friday, and I mean who can argue with that right? This week's offering is topped with mixed beans , salsa and a whole lotta cheese!


I have been trying to make 2 puddings a week, this week's puddings are pear cobbler (again, I got lots of pears reduced!) and also a very naughty looking chocolate and caramel sponge that I can not wait to eat!

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