My List - 5 To Watch Netflix UK (#NetflixClub January 2020)

Last week I shared what I think you should watch on Netflix in 2020, this week I thought I would share what I want to watch, I’ve scoured my “My List” on Netflix and decided which 5 programmes I plan to watch in January. Why not pop over to my Instagram and let me know if you will be watching them too, maybe we could start a sort of Netflix club (a bit like a book club but for Netflix!)

1 - Sisters

Only child Julia's Dad confesses on his death bed that during his work as a fertility pioneer he impregnated hundreds of woman with his sperm. She goes on to discover that she has over 100 brothers and two sisters.

The tale of newfound sisterhood is said to have been inspired by the likes of  Bertol Wiesner, a doctor who did (reportedly) fathered over 600 children. Currently, there is only one season, with a second season neither cancelled or confirmed. 

2 - Workin’ Moms

Ok, so I am about a year behind with this! I think absolutely everyone watched this last year, but hey I was knee-deep in true crime last year soooooo forgot all about this! In case you missed it too, it's about four Mums who are returning to work (surprise, surprise!) after maternity leave, the show follows them as they try to balance their jobs, family life and love life.

3 - How To Get Away With Murder

Another one that people have been going on about for a while, but I am only just getting around to watching! 5 seasons to get through too, so I best get started hadn't I!

4 - Queer Eye In Japan

Everyone's favourite fab 5 are back, and this time they are in Japan! I can't wait, the perfect programme for that hormonal PMS-ing time of the month, sob away baby...sob away!!

5 - The Good Place (final season)

The good place was on my what to watch list last week, and as I need to watch the final season (and apparently the tell all final episode booooo!!) I may as well do it whilst the rest of the programme is fresh in my mind!

So who is gonna join me in my Netflix Club? Come back next month, and we can have a little recap and plan what to watch in February! 


  1. I'm always looking for new things to watch on Netflix, you've given me a couple more ideas. Thanks. I've watched how to get away with murder & I thought that was good. I've just finished watching wanted and that was really good.

  2. Great ideas. There is a few of these I fancy. I need something new to watch now I've caught up on everything I recorded over Christmas x


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