Budget Meal Plan #54

We started meal planning on and off about 3 or 4 years ago but I have been making regular weekly meal plans for the last 18 months. By planning our meals, making, and sticking to, a shopping list our food shop costs have dropped from £120 a week to around £60-80 a week, which is a great saving in itself yet by also changing the day and time we shop, from a Saturday afternoon to a Friday night, we have reduced our food shop BY HALF again, and so now our shop each week comes to between £30 and £45. I highly recommend heading out to the supermarkets for the end of day yellow sticker bargains if you can, both me and Dean used to turn our nose up at the people hanging around for the reduction's trolley, but how wrong we were! I will get around to writing a post and maybe filming a video to tell you how to shop yellow sticker stuff smartly, I promise!

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Any way enough of the gabble, here is this week's meal plan...

Saturday - BBQ Pulled Gammon Nachos

We still have some gammon left over so I thought I would use it to make a smokey bbq pulled pork type dish, but with gammon. Crunchy nachos piled high with cheese, veggies and salsa. Yum!!

Sunday. Cheesy tuna pasta bake.

I mean it wouldn't be a 3 Princesses and 1 Dude! meal plan without pasta would it! We haven't had tuna pasta for sooooo long! Can't wait! 

Monday. Slow cooker mixed bean stew with halloumi and herby wedges. 

Okuuuurrr...so I just sat here and made this up! If its good I will share the recipe on Feeding My Family For Less. Cross your fingers for me!

Tuesday. Homemade pizzas.

I got some pizza dough yellow sticker (watch my small yellow sticker haul here), we always have a tube of puree and off course we always have cheese! So some yummy margheritas, garlic bread and some mozzarella sticks (new fave!)

Wednesday. Haddock and leek gratin with corn, peas and baby potatoes. 

Another recipe I have concocted, to use up the last of the haddock and leeks from last week, after seeing a few different recipes! And again, I will share on Feeding My Family For Less if it is successful!

Thursday. Slow cooker jacket potatoes with cheesy beans (using any leftovers from the mixed bean stew).

We didn't have these last week (I didn't realise we had run out of foil!) so will make them this week.

Friday. Vegetable lasagna.

I know, I know more pasta...but I'm sat here meal planning and I am sooo soooo hungry, that if I could we would have pasta every night!!


  1. What a lovely week of dinners! I am sure the halloumi creation will be delicious. :)

  2. my kids love pasta too as do i your meals sound lovely and good luck with the beans dish hope it goes well

  3. I love the sound of the Pulled Gammon Nachos!!
    I think this is the first week in ages that I don't have pasta on my meal plan. Eesh!

  4. Nothing wrong with a nice steaming plate with pasta on is there!

    Your meals sound delicious. Thanks for linking up and have a lovely week x

  5. Lovely meal plan! Tuna pasta bake is one of my boys favourite dinners. It always goes down well in our house.


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