20 Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2020

At the minute I seem to live my life on Instagram, I don't share as much content on YouTube at the minute because its SO EASY just to grab my phone and go on stories. I stopped sharing family photo posts on my blog because, well I post them all on Instagram. So now we have established that I am pretty much living on Instagram, I thought I would share 20 of my favourite accounts to follow. 20 accounts who inspire me, lift me when I am down, or just darn well make me cry laugh! Let me know who you think I should be following in the comments below, or pop over to Instagram and drop me a DM!

1. Claire


Without a doubt, Today We Cooked, is my absolute FAVE food account on Instagram. This time last year I made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of meat we were eating, I honestly don't think I could have done that without Claire sharing how easy it is to make delicious meat free meals that everyone will love. Ohhh and also one to note, the #todaywecooked, currently at over 2.1k posts, families just like me and yours sharing their delicious meals, within no time you will be reducing your meat intake and meal planning like a boss!

2. Deborah


If you don't want to grab your families coats and shoes and go off on a mini adventure after seeing Deborah's account, then I don't think this list is the one for you! Deborah and her (not so) little family, are always on an adventure, movie day at the beach? YUP! packing up the boot with rakes to make art on the beach? YUP! Ohhh and they are renovating a church and I can't lie, I'm absolutely on the cusp of buying my own church (JK...we are skint as fook!)

3. Katy


Katy will have you planning your day like BOSS! She motivates me daily to get shit done. Her stories are funny, honest and it feels likes you have always been friends. Ohhh and she ALWAYS replys to DM's...Queen!

4. Rebecca


Ohhhh ohhh oh! Rebecca is my ultimate woman crush! She is bloody gorgeous and the food she shares makes me want to move to Sheffield for all the food! And I can't tell you the amount of things I have been out to buy because she shared it! Total enabler! 

5. Lauren


Another woman crush. Lauren is EVERYTHING I want to be. She is infectious, and the total influencer! She deserves way more than her 15k followers. I mean talk about empowering women. She says thing I'm not brave enough to say, she makes me brave enough to say the things I want to say.

Oh and she created the TMC, if you know then you know, and if you don't know you need to know...go giver her a follow and I highly recomend her stories...especially on a Tuesday! *wink wink*

6. Katy


Katy's account feels like its you best friend, she doesnt try to be anything she's not. She just the Mum down the road who ALWAYS says hello. Oh and she also shared a photo of her filthy oven and made me feel all kinds of better about myself!

7. Megan


If you want to dip your toe in the body positive movement pool, may I suggest you start here with Megan. Before you know it you will have jumped into that pool naked and living your best life!

8. Abbie


Abbie is a breath of fresh air, there is a reason she gets named in Follow Fridays almost every week!

9. Karen


Karen is new on the instgram blogegr scene, she started her blog in October, and well, you know she seems like a pretty genuine lovely person. And did I mention she is new at this game? And when you are new at this game in 2020 shit its hard! Go help a girl out and give her a follow!

10. Dani


Dani, author of books, Mum of 2, creator of yummy food you want t scoff immedietly!

11. Jen


Jen is just...her feed is like a This Morning fashion segment...but cooler! She has single handedly influenced me to buy chunky biker boots, midi dresses, long line coats and I am so soooo close to buying a flowy maxi dress....

12. Paper Press Ireland


The only shop on this list. I try and follow less shops on Instagram to stop me buying ALL the stuff ALL the time! But Geri's caption tee's are everything my wardrobe needs!

13. Fiona


Ohhh Fionas feed is like a fairytale. Just, the perfect feed to escape.

14. Fay


Another feed just like Fiona's whimsical and dreamy.

15. Molly


Molly is another one to watch on the body posi movement, I love that she is coming at it from a Mum's POV.

16. Bonnie


Bonnie's grid is full on raw and beautiful. This is one of many photos in Bonnies ‘Her’ series, which expores women and sexuality seen through the female lens. Also...fun fact this photo is someone one this list! I wish I was brave enough to strip...but nah...not yet!

17.  Nyomi


If you want all the feminism, all the politics, all the kitchen discos and still want to laugh really really fecking hard...Nyomi is for you! She is passionate and funny...one to watch for 2020!

18. Tash


Tash and her gorgeous family have just packed up home to travel! They are spending a few months in Bali, and then who knows!

19. Alannah


Alannah is bloody hilarious! She is unapologetically her, funny, a little bit weird (I hope she won't mind me saying that!) Mum of 4 and winner of life...in my opinion! (I think her profile is private so Insta wouldn't let me embed anything from her grid.

20. ME!


OK, ok, I am not so narcasstic that I will add my main account but last year I jumped in head first and started a foodie account. No styled foodie shots (unless I am really in the mood to bother!) just delicious food your family will love, on a budget.

I hope you’ve found some new accounts to follow, and I hope that they influence and inspire you and make you laugh til you cry!

Remember to leave your recomendations in the comments!

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