12 Shared Gift Ideas Siblings Will Love!

With Christmas on the horizon, off course me and Dean have been talking about gift ideas for the kids. and I can not lie they have everything! So we are struggling this year. We have been thinking about joint presents for the kids to share so I thought I would share some of the things we have come across on our search for the perfect sibling shared gifts.

DISCLAIMER: Some links to Amazon are Affiliate links, this doesn't make a difference to the way you buy, it just means Amazon pay me a few pence (and I mean a few pence!!) advertising. I will clearly link any AFF link with a * 

My kids all love colouring in, it is one of the few things that they will all do nicely together so when I saw these giant colouring posters*(£12.49) I knew it would be something they loved! If you want to go all out with this idea I found colouring in wallpaper/murals on Etsy, (prices from £28.56). I absolutely love this idea, it's a peel and stick wallpaper so would be a fun playroom/bedroom installation that the kids would love!

Hands up who's kids love science? My kids love to watch kids science experiments on YouTube and Beaker Creatures have been on the kids 'I want' list for quite a while now.

Geomag* (prices vary) are something else my kids love they sit for ages playing and are always asking to extend the collection!

Something else the kids have had before and really loved was Playfoam* (from £3.99), there are so many varieties, and multi packs and the kids have always played forever with it too! It lasts for ages too, and in my opinion is loads better than play dough!

Beanboozled* (from £3.27) also came up on our search, I can remember Ellie asking for this a few years ago and it was a fun game to play on Christmas Day!
I can not tell you the amounts of times I have to tell my football loving kids to not kick that ball inside!! I recently spotted a hover ball in Home Bargains for a few pounds. It was like this one on Amazon* (£9.99) but a cheaper version. 

Osmo*, a gaming accessory for tablets *works on iPad and Fire tablets), claims to change the way children play and learn. Osmo games include apps for drawing, literacy, physics puzzles, spatial reasoning, coding, and more. The games use  "augmented reality" experience and through the tablet camera brings the real world accessories to life. This is genuinely something that me and Dean have mentioned, but it isn't cheap, prices start at £69 for a starter kit, but it is something that we know the kids would use. 

In a world where technology is fastly becoming everything (whether we like it or not!) why not teach the kids how to code with Artie 3000* (£57.98), Artie uses coding to draw the picture you want! I know that the kids would love this! How fun does little Artie sound!

Poo Pong* (£11.97)...its ping pong but with emoji poop paddles! I mean perlease show me a 5-10 year old kid who isn't poop obsessed?! 

A Slushie machine (£39.99)...I promise this is in no way on this list because I want one...I promise! 

Billionaire Boy Tremendous Times Table Game (£8.00) during all of the recent parents evening it would seem schools are really pushing times tables so this is a great way to help the kids with their education.

Show the kids a blast from the past with this retro games plug in and play, its only £10 and I think my kids would love it!

So those are my ideas, what do you think? Would your kids enjoy those? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think your kiddos would love to receive as a shared gift. 


  1. Joint present are definitely great - but who would unwrap...? :) ... and looks like you have made a brilliant selection here!

    1. We buy a few joint pressies every year and I try to buy enough shared gifts so that they can open one each, but they understand they are for everyone (luckily!!)

  2. Oh my days, Poo Pong. That's Luke sorted! These are great ideas!

  3. my kids would love a slushie machine!! The giant colouring posters sound great too

  4. These sound like some great ideas for things to buy for siblings, it is amazing the things you can find which can be done together and bring around fun and learning.

  5. I love the idea of a joint present. It teaches them share. And sometimes you can get them a bigger present together

  6. What fab ideas! I always get the kids a couple of shared items so you've given me a few ideas here.

  7. These are fantastic gift ideas, I love the idea of giving them something they can share and complete together.

  8. I absolutely love this idea of shared gifts for the kids, its something that I remember my number often used to do for us and we always fought over the same thing.

  9. These are super great gift idea and I am sure all the kids would love them.

  10. I think shared gifts are great if they encourage play or making memories together xxx

  11. Great ideas! When I was little my mum would always get me and my sister a gift to share, usually something we had both asked for or a game we could play together and she would say it was from the reindeers! My two would love the Geomag or the slushie machine for sure!


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