DIY Halloween Wreath On A Budget!

I love an easy DIY, I especially love a DIY that I can display during celebrations throughout the year, and even more than that I love it when I have made a DIY that I love more than stuff I have seen in the shop...especially when it costs a whole heap less!! I have made door wreaths before but have never had the guts to share them on my blog in-case people thought they were a bit naff! But here I am sharing my DIY Halloween wreath, and not only is this really affordable, around the £4 or £5 mark, it was also really easy and it has held up against some high winds, heavy rain and a couple of falls from the door to the floor!

On a brown UPVC door, with a glass window hangs a circular door wreath with several small atrifical spiders scattered around, thick atrificial spider web, a large black glittered spider at the bottom of the wreath and across the middle pf the wreath is a wooden arrowed sign which says haunted house in white lettering
I had this finished in less than 15 minutes, it was really quick and really easy, and using hot glue meant it dried super quick too and was ready to hang up straight away. I picked up all the bits and pops cheaply in Poundland and Home Bargains. My glue gun and the hot glue sticks I use are also from Poundland, and I would recommend it. It heats up quickly and does the job.

So to make this wreath you need:

Round Poundland mirror or something similar with a stable round frame and removable back (you only want the frame)
Spider web (one of those that you stretch this)
Large spider (we snipped one from a headband we got from Home Bargains...) 
Some extra spiders if you don't get any in the web packaging
A Halloween plaque, trick or treat sign, or something similar. It should be a little longer than your frame is wide but light enough  and small enough so that you can still see the majority of the frame. I used this one that I found in Poundland, I was able to easily pull the staples out of the back and use the sign I wanted
Hot glue gun 
Glue sticks 

Start by getting rid of the parts you don't need, the headband, the mirror etc. (I was easily able to cut the spider from the headband, and the mirror simply unscrews from the frame.) 

Plug in the glue gun and whilst it warms up, stretch out some cobweb and wrap it around the frame, I glued in 4 points around the frame so that it didn't slip too much. I also pulled it across the middle of the frame (as shown  in the photos further below)


Next you can have a play around with the spiders and the plaque until you have them where you want them, hot glue them on and leave to fully dry, then you can either cut of the runaway hot glue stands, or you can leave them, personally I think it adds to the web effect! After a few minutes drying time it can be hung up outside on your front door. 

We have had ours up on the door for a couple of weeks (yep I know!!) and its still in place, still in one piece, and has over come a day or 2 of heavy rain, a few windy days, multiple slammed doors and has been rescued from the floor many a time! 

I love it so much and will be hiding it away somewhere safe at the end of the spooky season ready for next year! So what do you think? Was it worth me sharing or am I delusional and is it a little bit naff? Go on be honest...let me know what you think in the comments below!


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