Tips For Ordering Your Decorating Materials Online

We all like to keep our homes looking as nice as possible. But, it is expensive to do so. The average British household spends £3,048 on sprucing up their home, every year. That is a lot of money. More than double what most of us spend on heating our homes and keep the lights on.  So, anything you can do to reduce your decorating and home furnishings bills is going to make a considerable difference to your life. One of the easiest ways to start reducing them is shopping online. There are lots of potential advantages to shopping this way, but, you do need to do things a bit differently. Here are a few tips to help you to find the best DIY deals online.


Look for firms that will send you free samples.

Using firms like skirtings r us who are prepared to send you free samples of their materials before you buy is always a good idea. The retailers that do this have confidence in the quality of their goods. You can see exactly what you will be getting and know for sure that you will be buying the right materials for the job.

Check the retailer’s returns and refund policy.

In all likelihood, you will be spending a lot of money on a single purchase. So, it is important to check the firm’s returns and refund policy before you buy. All companies should follow the regulations. But, despite this, there are still some significant differences between returns policies.

The way the rules and regulations are written allow for this. For example, if a product has been custom made for you e.g. cut to a specific length and pre-painted returning it may not be possible. So, always double-check before ordering. This article will help you to better understand your rights when buying online. It breaks down the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 and explains it in laymen’s terms.

Make sure there are no hidden costs.

Most manufacturers and retailers work in an open and honest way. They give you the price including the cost of any extras. But, a few still try to hide the true cost in the hopes of appearing to be cheaper than their competitors. It is a trick you also see offline retailers doing. So, keep an eye out for this issue.

Be prepared to shop with several companies.

It is always worth shopping around for each individual item and comparing prices. For example, if you are planning to lay a carpet it may be better to buy the actual carpet from one site and the underlay from another. Some firms sell the bulk of the materials needed for a job at a very low cost. But, hike up the cost of the smaller components you need as a way of compensating for the deep discounts offered on the larger items.

Check how the delivery will be made.

You also need to make sure that delivery costs are included. If you are ordering bulky items you need to understand how they will be delivered. They cannot be left with a neighbour or picked up by you later. So, when ordering these kinds of items try to use firms that offer a pre-arranged delivery time.

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