Budget Meal Plan #44

Wow, how fast did the last week go! The first day back to school came and went so quickly and now here we are back to meal planning and grocery shop day! Back to the weekend (yey!) How did your back to school week go? I managed to stick to the meal plan most days apart from actual back to school day, I cleaned so hard that day that I rewarded myself with a takeaway! We shouldn't have had one really as the money could have gone to other things but hey, we all enjoyed it, me and Dean actually sat and tried to remember when we last had take out and we genuinely can not remember!

We started meal planning on and off about 3 or 4 years ago but I have been making regular weekly meal plans for the last 18 months. By planning our meals, making, and sticking to, a shopping list our food shop costs have dropped from £120 a week to around £60-80 a week, which is a great saving in itself yet by also changing the day and time we shop, from a Saturday afternoon to a Friday night, we have reduced our food shop BY HALF again, and so now our shop each week comes to between £30 and £45. I highly recommend heading out to the supermarkets for the end of day yellow sticker bargains if you can, both me and Dean used to turn our nose up at the people hanging around for the reductions trolley, but how wrong we were! I will get around to writing a post and maybe filming a video to tell you how to shop yellow sticker stuff smartly, I promise!

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Last weeks meal plan went well...

Saturday: Ate out
Sunday: Kiev's (that garlic bread hack didn't work!)
Monday: Burger and chips
Tuesday: Calzone
Wednesday: Take-away
Thursday: Chicken curry
Friday: the little kids ate at my Nan's and the rest of us sorted ourselves out. 

This week's meal plan:

Saturday: Fajita pasta bake and garlic bread

We have a frozen fajita mix that Ellie bought and wasn't a fan of, we also have 3/4 jar of pasta sauce (that Ellie opened!!) so to use them up I thought a nice pasta bake would do the trick!

Sunday: Sausage, apple and cider casserole with mash and yorkie puds

Something warm and yummy for the slow cooker, ready for us to tuck into late lunchtime after a morning of football. Will have something like beans on toast if we are hungry later one.

Monday: Creamy chicken and leek bakes

My Nan gave us a tin of chicken in white sauce, also have some leeks and puff pastry that need using. 

Tuesday: Root veg cassoulet with mash and crusty bread

Will use up the swede I bought the other week (that is still sat in the fridge!) and the 5p potatoes that I bought last week too.

Wednesday: Slow cooker jacket potatoes

Wednesday tradition! The kids have started saying 'its Wednesday so it jacket potato night' and they were a little gutted last week when it turned out not to be!

Thursday: Lentil 'shepherds' pie and veg

Trying to up our veggie intake and lower the amount of meat meals we are eating again. Over the summer a lot of meat meals filled the weeks and I would like to get back on track as we were doing so well. 

Friday: Creamy pesto pasta

Something that I don't need to buy anything for, we have it all in and it will be quick to make after shopping. 


  1. ohh the sausage, cider and apple dish sounds wonderful and just what is now needed

  2. I had a cleaning day since the kids have been back to school. I treated just myself though and got a nice bottle of wine. hehehe If you cleaned anything like I did a takeaway was well deserved!
    Ugh! Such a shame the garlic bread hack didn't work. I'm still going to give it a try!
    I love the sound of the Fajita pasta bake. What a good idea! Have a fab week x

  3. Ah damn facebook! Glad you tried out the garlic "not" hack so I don't have too! Like the idea of adding lentils to shepherd's pie - I have been adding courgette to ours.

  4. Hooray for back to school and I hope you do get to stay within your budget and actually have the meals you have planned.
    I love to shop yellow stickers and feel so fortunate each time I turn up and see a good range of foods with yellow stickers on.

  5. Ahh! Shame the garlic bread hack didn't work. I'm still going to give it a try though.
    All of your meals sound so good. I like the sound of the Fajita pasta bake. x

  6. What a shame about the garlic bread hack - I was relying on that to be good haha x

  7. Sounds delicious! I've also followed your new instagram account :)

  8. Shame the garlic bread hack does not work I would have loved for it to. Some great sounding meals now the weather seems to have turned again.


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