After-School Activities In The Skegness Area + Weekend Activities (Autumn/Winter 2019)

Hands up who sometimes gets fed up of the mundane day to day school pick ups? Hand's up if sometimes you just want to escape the house for some after school fun? Say goodbye to boring after school evening's with this list of after school activities in the Skegness area.

Details correct at time of publishing (September 2019) please contact locations to check details. If any details are wrong OR you have a regular after school event/activity you would like to add to this list, please contact me at 

Mid-week/Term Time Activities:

Lego Club (Skegness Library, Roman Bank)
Free (Mondays 3.30-4.30)

Studio Bounce (Grosvernor Road Dance Studios, Skegness) 
£3 per child (Wednesday's 3.30-4.30, 7-11 year old's)

Jump Warriors (Anchor Lane, Ingoldmells)
£9 per child (Mon-Fri)

Includes 1 hour bounce and kids meal (you can also add a Slushie for an extra £2)

Kids World (Lucky Strikes Arcade, Grand Parade, Skegness) 
£5.50 per child (Mon-Fri 3pm onwards)

After school eat and play, includes access to Kids World soft play, kids meal or lunch box meal and a drink.

Skegness Bowl (Skegness Pier, Grand Parade) 
£6 per child (Mon-Fri 3.30-6.00)

Includes one game of bowling, kids meal and a drink.

Laser Quest (Skegness Pier, Grand Parade)
£6 per child (Mon-Fri 3.30-6.00)

Includes one game of Laser Quest, kids meal and a drink.

Weekend Activities:

Family Fun (Skegness Children's Centre, Brunswick Drive)

FREE! (Fortnightly (contact for details) 10.00-11.30)

 Aimed at children 0-5, but siblings up to the age of 8 are welcome. Themed activities such as messy play, gardening and cooking. Brunch ingredients will be provided and prepared by the families attending.

Weekend Family Fun (Wainfleet Children's Centre, Magdalen School, Magdalen Road, Wainfleet)
FREE! (Fortnightly (contact for details) 10.00-11.30)

A variety of activities such as messy play, gardening and cooking. A mid-morning snack is included

Messy Church (St Matthews Church, Lumley Avenue, Skegness)
FREE! 2nd Saturday of the month (4pm-6pm)

Messy Church (The Storehouse, North Parade, Skegness)
FREE! 3rd Saturday of the month (10.30-12.30)

Free craft activities, free meal and celebration time.

Skegness Cinema Lunchtime Deal (Tower Cinema, Lumley Road, Skegness)
£4 tickets for all lunchtime screenings (Terms apply, please check before), box office only, not bookable in advance or for use during a films first week.

Family Fun Splash (Skegness Pool, Grand Parade)
0-2 years FREE 3 & 4 years £1.40 5+ and adults £4.35 per person Fridays 5-6pm Saturday and Sundays 3-4pm

Do you know of more family fun weekend activities? Drop me an email at

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Budget Meal Plan #44

Wow, how fast did the last week go! The first day back to school came and went so quickly and now here we are back to meal planning and grocery shop day! Back to the weekend (yey!) How did your back to school week go? I managed to stick to the meal plan most days apart from actual back to school day, I cleaned so hard that day that I rewarded myself with a takeaway! We shouldn't have had one really as the money could have gone to other things but hey, we all enjoyed it, me and Dean actually sat and tried to remember when we last had take out and we genuinely can not remember!