Family Meal Plan #41

Another week, another plan...This week has been a little different, if you have watched our grocery hauls before you will know I do my best to grab all of our weeks bakery bits, fruits and veggies (and some extra provisions for future weeks) in the end of day yellow sticker reductions, but this week we couldn't get to Tesco on Friday night so instead I did an Iceland shop (mainly because I could shop what I needed in store, and get it delivered), its also THAT time of the month and so I know that I will be unmotivated to cook meals from fresh so wanted things I can just chuck in the slow cooker or in the oven from the freezer! This did mean that our budget was blasted and we have gone way over (we still need a couple of bits in town), after we have everything will come in around £60-65, which I've tried to look at as still really cheap for 14 meals for a family of 6!!

Last weeks meals went OK, you can see some of the weeks meals on our new foodie Instagram account Feeding My Family For Less, in the what I ate highlight reel.

Here is this week's meal plan:

Lunch: Omelette's.

The kids loved these last week and begged for them to be on the meal plan again!

Tea: Fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter

Something yummy for a Saturday night in!

Lunch: Out

We are out most of the day, so we will get something out. Probably bakery, or a hot dog as we will have had chips the night before!

Tea: Pizza night

Something quick and easy to chuck in the oven when we get home. Pizza, mozzarella sticks, wedges, and a side salad.

Lunch: Picnic in the garden

We are going out to the circus so we will have a picnic in the garden before we leave.

Tea: Bacon and pepperoni pasta and garlic bread 

I will prepare this all before we go out, then when we get home after football I can throw it in the oven ready for after the kids are washed and changed.

Lunch: Picnic  

Another day out, so we will take a picnic. 

Tea: Chicken wraps, wedges and salad

Elsie has been asking for chicken wraps since last week when I said we was having a fake away McDonalds, her choice is always a crispy chicken wrap in her Happy Meal!

Lunch: Cheesy bean waffles 

Apparently this was one of the best lunches ever...who knew!

Tea: Slow cooker jacket potatoes with tuna, cheese, beans and salad.

Perfect for everyone to grab as and when they want.

Lunch: Leftover filled quesadilla's 

Something easy and yummy!

Tea: Mushroom ragu and spaghetti 

We use this recipe from the todaywecooked instagram page.

Lunch: Out
Tea: Slow cooker sausage casserole, mash and yorkie puds

We are out on Friday, so we will more than likely eat lunch out, and depending if I have time in the morning will have slow cooker sausage casserole when we get home.


  1. Your menu sounds lovely! I think that is an amazing budget for a family of six, even if you did go over a bit this week. Life happens!

  2. So many delicious meals coming up and I hope the Summer holidays are going well for you x

  3. You do so well getting everything you do for about £60/£65. We have just started hitting Tesco when the yellow sticker items are there. My fella got 12 pints of milk for 30p tonight. Goodness knows what I'm going to do with it all. lol
    I think my girls would love to live at your house. You have all of thier favourite meals this week!

  4. Hmmm I really fancy sausage casserole in the slow cooker now - but maybe that's because the weather has gone decidedly autumnal at the moment ! Looks like a great plan :)

  5. wow i want every meal you are having... xx

  6. Even going over budget you still did really well getting it that cheap! Your meals this week sound delicious


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