Budget Meal Plan #40

OK...so I am not as far behind this week as I was last week, I managed to get into a bit of a routine last week, although as rain was forecast for most of the week we stayed in so its a lot easier to be on a routine when you don't leave the house much isn't it!! But we will see how this week goes before I jump to any conclusions!

Last week's meals actually went OK! You can see what we ate over on my new food blog, Feeding My Family For Less. I would love it if you popped over and gave it a look.  You can also find weekly grocery hauls on the @feedingmyfamilyforless IGTV.

Here is our meal plan for the next week:

Lunch: Dippy picnic platter

A range of dips and dippy things, tortilla chips, baked potato slices, peppers, carrots, bread sticks and more.

Tea: Pizza night.

Pizzas, garlic bread, mozzarella dippers. Not quite Pizza Hut but we are on a budget and lets be honest any pizza is good right? Leave me a comment and let me know your favourite pizza topping.

Lunch: Scrambled egg pitta breads (or ham, cheese and spring onion omelettes). 

The pitta breads are frozen so I will leave this up tot he kids what they would like to eat.

Tea: Cheesy pasta.

Must remember to get cheese sauce! Hopefully the household fave will be more of a success than it was last time!

Lunch: Jacket potatoes

Ellie is due home today so we will be staying home, depending on whether I am meeting her and her Nan at the train station or not, I will either cook jacket potatoes in the slow cooker or the oven (we don't have a microwave)

Tea: Cheesy fajita fries. 

I will cook the fajita part ahead of time and keep it warm in the slow cooker, then when we get in from football I will cook some fries and pile on the fajita mix and cheese. Yum, I am salivating at just the thought!

Lunch: Picnic.

We are heading out for a fairies and unicorns activity day in the forest, so its a picnic kinda day!

Tea: Fakeaway McDonalds.

Cheese burgers (chicken burger for Ellie), fries and ice cream milkshakes for a treat!

Lunch: Ratatouille spaghetti. 

The kids loved this last week, and it was super quick and easy, perfect lunchtime food. 

Tea: BBQ sausages (BBQ roasted veg for Ellie) with homemade herby wedges, onion rings, corn on the cob, beans and garlic and chilli broccoli stems

We will eat before football, but I will make Deans when we get home.

Lunch: Picnic

We will probably end up going out with my sister as it is her day off, so more than likely a picnic again. If not I will swap it up with tomorrow's lunch. 

Tea: Fakeaway meatball marinara and cheesy nachos. 

I will prepare the meatball marinara ahead of time and probably dump it in the slow cooker so that when we get back from football tea is a quick and easy one to finish off under the grill. 

Lunch: Cheese on toast. 

Something light before we head to my Nan's, she is a feeder so the unspoken rule in the family is to NEVER go on a full tummy!!!

Tea: Slow cooker veggie filled slow cooker bolognaise.

Something that myself, Dean and Ellie can just pick at, or if it isn't eaten we can freezer it, or reheat it the next day, as I actually think Ellie is supposed to be at a sleep over with a friend, but you know teens change the plan every 2 minutes...so we will see!!


  1. There are some great flavour combinations that I had never thought of - all sounds delicious !

  2. Sounds like a delicious week. I love the sound of the dippy picnic plate!

    Thanks for linking up too!

  3. Some lovely ideas there, thanks for the lunch time inspiration too. The meatball marinara sounds scrummy, I don't think I've tried making that myself.

  4. Some really delicious meal planned there. Thank you for the lunch inspiration too as i'm really struggling for ideas there too.

  5. I love the sound of the dippy picnic platter. What a lot of fun.
    We have our pizza night on a Friday. I'm loving BBQ chicken one's at the moment.
    Have fun at the fairies and unicorns activity day. I think my youngest would love something like that. x

  6. The meatballs sound amazing and love the use of the slow cooker it is sooo useful even though i do not use mine enough


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