The 3 Stages Of The “Summer Holidays” Countdown.

We are in the final few weeks (or days for some select unlucky lot) and I asked on my Facebook and Twitter pages how parents were feeling about the oncoming dread of the summer holidays. And well it dawned on me that for us parents there are 3 stages to the countdown to the big 6 weeks of summer school holidays....shall we take a look at them!

Stage 1....


That oh so amazing feeling of blissful motherhood, when you realise that the school runs will be a thing of the past (for 6 weeks only), you won’t need to rush a pack up in 2 minutes, read books every night, and basically you can all do what you what want every day and not match to the drummers drum, and all that time with your beautiful kids making all those amazing memories that they will carry through life.

Stage 2....


You realise that the kids are in charge so, you will in fact, be marching to a’s just a small child's drum and not a drummer drum (you get my analogy!) but it’s OK, it’s going to be fun to fill your days with swimming, trips to the park, days out with friends, play dates at friends houses etc’s gonna be awhole lotta fun....right? It WILL be fun....won’t it?

Stage 3....


All of a sudden the sh*t hits the fan. Usually during a tantrum or strop of some kind that actually this is what you are going to be dealing with for the next 6 weeks! When you remember that that hedge in the garden is just that and not a money tree! The 6 weeks will off course have some days out, but mostly will probably be spend arguing with kids that they can’t really eat 5 million ice creams in a day even if you did promise them that many if they just ate the peas last night. When you remember that you hate the park with a passion, and that a trip to the beach with 4 kids in a military mission! And you realise that....


Even as I write this post I’m still at stage 2...I know that stage 3 will be coming to big me in the butt any second...but for now I’m just happy to sit in my blissful bubble. Because I will be alright....right?!

What stage of the countdown are you at?!

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