Thames and Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

A couple of months ago Jenson came home telling me all about a crime that had been committed at school and how the community police had been in, and that all the classes had to help solve the crime. It took ages for me to actually realise it was set up and a great way to encourage a whole host of learning opportunities that lasted for weeks! So when Thames and Kosmos got in touch and asked if Jenson would like to review the Master Detective Toolkit, I knew it would fill his mind with imagination and opportunity over the summer holidays and beyond!

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The kit was sent for us to free of charge in return for an honest review.
 All words, opinions and photos are my own. 

Our day started just like any other non school day, I got out of bed just after the kids and made my way downstairs...except today I was greeted by the mother of all messes. The baskets the kiddos keep their shoes in on the steps had been knocked down and had littered the small hall way. Off course, my usual questioning got me absolutely nowhere ~ Why on earth was someone going to admit to it and risk having to put it all back by themselves! The fact of the matter was I knew who had done it, but today instead of going in full shouty mum mode. I handed it over to Jenson to investigate!

He started off reading up on some skills in the 32 page detective handbook and decided he needed to start by looking for clues. So he searched through the plastic briefcase to find what he needed and got together his pad and pencil, magnifying glass and set about his work, but not before taping off the area!

The briefcase contains a host of tools and equipment, Jenson's favourites being the detective pad, the finger print powder, crime scene tape and chalks. (He is also desperate to use the plaster powder, which we will get round to at some point over the summer!).

He quickly got into his role and found found all of the evidence he thought he needed, then took it back to the hub (just a throw over on the carpet!!) After referring back to his booklet he decided he absolutely positively needed to take fingerprints (off course) and as he searched out his, rather guilty looking, suspects, they were keen to get involved and took it in turns to play along with Jenson and have a rummage through the briefcase too!

 After he finally decided that Elsie was the culprit, he arrested her and that started a game of cops and robbers as they all ran around the house, so off course it ended up being me that actually tidied up! (Would you believe!!)

The Thames and Kosmos kit has kept the kiddos busy for many a bored morning of afternoon since we got it at the beginning of July and I know it will continue to keep them engaged and entertained over the rest of the summer too.

The Master Detective Toolkit has an RRP of £36 and is available now at or and Smyths stores nationwide.

The toolkit is part of the Three Detectives range, available now at Prices start at just £9.99 and is suitable for ages 8+. 

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