Family Meal Plan On A Very Low Budget | "Use What Ya Got'' Week #36

Whats Cookin' Good Lookin'?

This week is one of those super budget weeks! We just had rent week and a couple of other bills go out and we need to save up for Jenson and Evie sign up fees for football next season, so I decided this week just had to be a use what you got in the freezer and cupboard kinda week. 

As you may or may not know we have a £5 a week 'contingency' that we use to get things like kids snacks, cakes in bargain shops (I honestly never ever pay full price for kids snacks, Home Bargains and Heron/B&M, always have stuff cheap. Last week I got some of the Soreen lunchbox bars, 2 packs for £1, yet in Tesco etc they are around £1.50 a pack, so a considerable saving there! We also stock up on yellow sticker bits for the freezer, this can be quite hit and miss because you never ever know what is going to be reduced when you go shopping. I think lately we got some 5% mince that should have been £4(ish) for about 60p. But anyway having that contingency, that I keep separate in my purse so if one week we only use £2, then £3 moves over to next week. 

Last week went quite well, we managed to stick to plan...

Saturday: we ate out.
Sunday: Fakeaway KFC - OMGosh! This was sooooooo sooooo good! We will definitely have this again! I might actually go as far as saying it was better than a real KFC!
Monday: Cheesy Tuna Melts - really good, we used to have these all the time and haven't had them for ages. But they went down really well, and were quick and easy for a busy night at football, so will remember these for the future.
Tuesday: Bolognese stuffed shells - These were so so good! Another meal that went down really well!
Wednesday: Cheesy Potato Bake - I haven't had this since I was a kid and it went down a treat! I served it with some sausages that we got cheap and beans and it may well be the kids new favourite! (I say this every week right!)
Thursday: Cheesy bean bakes -  we ended up having a picnic plate instead. I had my sister, niece and nephew round so couldn't really be arsed to cook much!
Friday: Pizza night - I mean when doesn't pizza go down well?  We also had garlic bread and mozzarella dippers.

This weeks plan...

Because we are using what we have got, there are a lot of meat meal this week, which to be honest we have worked hard to avoid for the last few weeks BUT I really want to try and use what we have got this week, so it is what it is!

Saturday - Slow cooker jacket potatoes with cheese and chunky slaw

The potatoes I bought a couple of weeks ago are starting to look a little tired! So we best use them up, because you know I hate waste!

Sunday- Sausage and pea pasta bake and garlic bread

This is one of the first recipes I shared on my blog! I will be sure to take some new photos and update the awful photo in this old post! I also no longer do slimming world so I certainly wont be holding back on the cheese! Ha Ha!!

Monday- Chicken and chorizo kebab sticks with seeded flatbreads/pitta breads and salad 

We got some chicken and chorizo kebabs from the Tesco Al Fresco range yellow sticker reduced to £1, we also have some flatbreads and pitta breads left over from last week. 

Tuesday- Pulled pork bao buns with carrot and cucumber salad 

Again, from the Tesco Al Fresco range we have some maple pork steaks (that we got yellow stickerd to something like 68p), so I'm going to slow cook those and add them to some School of Wok bao buns, I picked up 2 boxes of these as they got yellow stickered from £3.50 to just 53p!! Add a couple of julienne cut carrots and cucumbers and this meal will come in and something like 48p a portion! 

Wednesday- Cheesy bean puff bakes and fries

The kids were really excited to have this and we never got around to it! So its a must for this week!

Thursday - Cowboy pie

As I type this I am watching YouTube and watching the Peachicks and Us meal ideas video and it just shown a delish looking cowboy pie and we haven't had this for years! So I am definitely gonna try out a similar version (Emily's is a slimming world recipe, but I will be making mine non slimming world and using up what we have in!) which I will post at a later date. 

Friday- Chilli Dirty Fries

This will be a super quick tea I can just chuck in the oven


  1. your yellow sticker finds are amazing, i do all my shopping online and we def miss out on deals x

  2. Some absolute bargains there. I think I may have a trip to Home Bargains before the kids break up to get their treats and snacks.

  3. Oh chilli dirty fries sound really good!

  4. Sounds like you've got some real bargains, well done, and I hope the week goes well!

  5. Ahh! A low budget week is good for emptying the freezer. I try to have one about once a month.
    I think I might have to try your Sausage and pea pasta bake. I think it would go down well here!
    Great meal plan x


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