Budget Meal Plan #37

Can you pas'ta salt across please!?

I really enjoyed putting together this weeks meal plan, its a mix of traditional, kid friendly meals and some new flavours, for us all as a family to try out!

Last weeks meals went well, as usual though I did switch up the days but here is how it went generally:

Jacket potatoes: baked potatoes are always a fave here, a no brainer if I want something I know the kids will wolf down!
Sausage and pea pasta bake: We didn't have this, but I can't remember what we had instead!!
Chicken and chorizo kebab sticks with flatbreads: Hmmm...umming and ahhing over these. Half of us liked them, half of us wasn't too fussed. Next time I will make them myself instead of pre-buying.
Pulled pork bao buns: Everyone LOVED these! Will definitly make again, even if they did look strange, they went down a treat!!
Cheesy bean puff bakes: Still didn't have these, I was at a school performance and didn't have time to prep, it was a football training night and I had my sister, niece and nephew so we just went to the chippy on the way home! OOOPPPPSSS!!
Cowboy Pie: I forgot to defrost the mince (eye roll), again I cant remember what we had instead! (this week has been crazy!!)
Chilli fries: AMAZING!!!!!

Here is this weeks meal plan, I will be filming all of our meals this week and sharing them on YouTube, I am collabing with the Foulger Family, one of my fave families for meal ideas! Subscribe to our channel here and this video will go live on 23rd July (I think!) I'm also planning to film and upload a grocery haul from this shop so keep an eye out for that this coming Monday.

Saturday: chips or a picnic @ the outdoor cinema

We are going to a free screening of Moana at an outdoor cinema at teatime, so I will either pack a picnic or we will get chips. It will more than likely be a picnic, because then the kids can just pick throughout the movie!

Sunday: Slow cooker mince and dumplings, veg and yorkshire puddings

We are at a football tournament all day so this will be delicious to come home too, I am looking forward to it already!

Monday: Slow cooker ratatouille with herby hassleback potatoes and buttery baguette

This is a new meal for us, I am sure it will go down a treat. 

Tuesday: Jamaican Jerk meatballs with rice and mixed veg  

Another recipe with new flavours, fingers crossed it goes down well!

Wednesday: Slow cooker veggie massaman curry with rice and thai crackers 

I love a thai green curry, but starting with something a little milder for the kids (and husband!) 

Thursday: Hot dogs and chilli nachos

This is one of the kiddos fave tea's! They will be so excited for this! 

Friday: Creamy pesto pasta and garlic bread

Just something quick for me, Jenson and Ellie. The girls have started going to my Nan's on a Friday after school (Jenson has football and Ellie is...well...Ellie!).



  1. The meals coming up sound so yum. You are all fortunate that everyone appreciates good food with exciting flavours. Tuesday and Wednesday's meals are my favourites. Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of those meatballs. Have a great week ahead.

  2. What a lovely week and the cinema outdoors sounds great fun. Love the sound of the meatballs

  3. Sounds lovely! I am digging out the slow cooker again this week, to make a curry. I tend to only use it in the winter, but why?

  4. Sounds like a delicious meal plan from you, as always! Your kids are so lucky to have such flavoursome and adventurous meals!

    Also, can you set an Alexa reminder or something to 'get ready' the night before? I have one and I always (try) wash up and get out any meat from the freezer etc x

  5. I hope you all enjoyed the outdoor cinema. I think we may be having some picnics once the kids break up. That hot dog looks delicious.

  6. I hope you had fun at the outdoor cinema. It sounds brilliant.
    I love the sound of all of your meals especially the Jamaican Jerk meatballs. I might have to give that one a try.

  7. The Jamaican Jerk meatballs sound amazing for sure there something which we will be adding to a meal plan in the future.

    Charlotte xx

  8. What a great meal plan this week! Picnic at the outdoor cinema sounds like a great idea!


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