Budget Family Meal Plan | Feeding My Family Of 6 For Less Than £30

I am going to apologise now for how late the next 5 weeks meal plans are (probably) gonna be! We are 2 weeks in to the summer holidays and I cant seem to get into a work routine just yet...I am sure it will come, probably in week 5! But anyways I am here now, and at least I am continuing with our meal planning. This weeks food shop actually came in at just £28! I will leave our grocery haul video below so you can have a little watch if that is your thing. I've also shown how I meal plan in the video too, so you get to see the whole process. Anyway...lets get on with this weeks meal plan...

Last weeks meals went OK. Swapped around a couple of days, but generally stuck to the meals planned.

Saturday: Ratatouille, hassleback potatoes and buttery baguette - This got a mixed reaction, I loved it, Jenson and Elsie loved it...that is until Evie decided she didn't like it, which is when Elsie decided she didn't, and then Jenson decided he didn't...kids who'd have em!

Sunday: Fakeaway Macdonalds - Off course this went down well! In fact...we enjoyed it so much I am wishing I had put them on this weeks menu!

Monday: Cheesy pasta - I just don't know what happened but this was a great big fail! I prepped it before we went to football and put it in the oven just to warm up when we got back in. And I dunno the cheese didn't melt! It went all hard and crispy and I have no idea why! I mean we all ate it because we were hungry but, I dunno. I feel like I let everyone down on their fave meal!

Tuesday: Picnic tea on the beach - It was soo sooo hot on Tuesday, that even though we got to the beach at 6.30 it was still 26c!! It was really nice to have a relaxed tea on the beach. Perfect planning!

Wednesday: Jamaican Jerk meatballs - I can't believe I am saying this but WE STILL HAVENT HAD THIS!

Thursday: Mince, spinach and sweet potato curry with rice and poppadoms  - The kids decided they just wanted sandwiches and picky bits, and what with it being so hot, off course I did not argue with that!

Friday: Ratatouille spaghetti - so remember I said the kids hated it? Well guess what they loved this! I didn't tell them what it was, I just chopped the courgette smaller and they scoffed it...even asking for more!

Here is this weeks plan:

Lunch: Cheesy bean and hot dog topped waffles

Tea: Carpet picnic

Sunday: We went out for the day so had chip shop lunch and Mcdonalds drive thru when we got home late.

Lunch: We went to my sisters and had a garden picnic

Tea: Slow cooker gammon, chips and beans

I am typing this Monday night, so the rest is planned! (Wish me luck!!)

Lunch: Picnic at the park (weather permitting!) 

We are supposed to be going out for a picnic lunch and play in the park, but the weather seems a bit iffy at the minute, so we will see!

Tea: Toad in the hole, mash, veg and gravy

This is Jenson's absolute fave! He will be so happy to have this after asking for weeks and weeks!!

Lunch: Bacon and egg bagels with hash browns

The kids call this a McMummy breakfast!!

Tea: Slow cooker diet coke chicken, herby potatoes and steamed veg

Lunch: Homemade pizzas

I got 2 pizza bases for 10p from Morrisons, so home made pizzas it is!

Tea:  Loaded fries and hot dogs

I will use some gammon scraps (if there are any left), cheese and spring onion to make up some dirty loaded fries

Lunch: Quesadillas

Tea: Omelette's and salad


  1. Hope the rest of the week goes well. Your meals always sound amazing and I'm off to watch your video now! Thanks for linking up and enjoy the rest of the week x

  2. Again a yummy one. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. slow cooker gammon what a brilliant idea x

  4. Yummy!

    I love the sound of the loaded fries, why have I never thought to do this?!


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