Budget Family Meal Plan #38

Another week...another plan...

So, another week and another meal plan. And last week I made the rookie error of planning meals that required a fair bit of prep, something I know isn't going to happen when it's 'that' week of the month (the ladies reading will know exactly what I am talking about!) luckily though as lots of our meat etc is in the freezer I am just moving lots of last weeks meals over to this week. I'm not even going to waste my time typing out how we got on last week because it was just a disaster!

Last week was such an epic disaster, of 7 planned meals we had one! ONE!!! I'm rather annoyed with myself because I knew that my period was coming, and I know how poorly and 'meh' I get so should have gone easy with lots of convenience meals, but hey...we are all only human and even the best meal planners have weeks when it just doesn't happen! I still have a lot of the meat and veggies left over so I'm just going to try and move the majority of planned meals over to this week, so I apologise now that this plan seems a little repetitive if you saw last weeks post!

Saturday -  Ratatouille, hassle back potatoes and buttery baguettes. 

Serving with sausages for Dean, who wont eat the majority of veggies in the ratatouille! 

Sunday - Fakeaway McDonald's 

Ermmm...did someone say Mcdonalds!!

Monday - Cheesy pasta 

We haven't had this for so long! The kids will be so excited, I will prep it in the afternoon and chuck it in the oven when we get back from football. (It may be the school holidays but lemme tell you...football stops for NO ONE!!!!)

Tuesday - Picnic tea on the go 

No football tonight, so we will take opportunity with a heatwave beckoning and go for a picnic tea after Dean finishes work.

This was one that we didn't get around to last week, and I can't tell you how much I want to get this on my plate!

Thursday - Mince, spinach and sweet potato curry with rice and poppadoms  

I'm going to use this recipe, but substitute the Quorn for meat, as it is what we have in. 

Friday - Ratatouille spaghetti with ciabatta

I freeze leftovers like the rataouille for these exact reasons, something easy to take out of the freezer and defrost, the only effort I need put in is to heat up the sauce and cook up some spaghetti!!


  1. Sounds like a delicious selection of meals! I hate it when it doesn't go to plan, however this is a new week :)

  2. Lovely meals. Like the sound of the Ratatouille spaghetti with ciabatta.

  3. Hope this week is a nice easy one for you love x Take care and thanks for linking up!

  4. Ahh! With meal planning some weeks go great and some are a total disaster. I've had plenty of weeks like that! Don't be too hard on yourself.
    Fab meal plan! The Ratatouille spaghetti with ciabatta looks delicious! x


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