Take the 'thyme' to meal plan!

This week I thought I would try something a little different! So as you all know the basis of the majority of our meal plans is 'eat what ya got' but this week I wanted to see how many meals I could get from the Yellow Sticker reduction bins. And you know what? I did pretty on to find out what we have planned!

Last weeks meal plan went really well, and we had the majority of things we had planned:

* Chicken Enchiladas: delish, and making the filling in the slow cooker was eye opening! It feels so much better to meal prep earlier in the day! 
* Leek and mushroom puff pie: I made this with some chicken we had left over (I didn't use all the breasts I had bought for enchiladas) and again, i made the filling in the slow cooker, I didn't end up having enough pastry for a topper so we just had it spooned on top of mustard mash. Very nice, we will defo have this again.
* Bacon sandwiches, hash browns and beans: PERFECT!
* Veggie Tagine: We didn't have this, we swapped some meals around and had something else instead. 
* Tuna pasta bake: This is a family fail safe meal, we all love it, I made an extra bake (without tuna) because I knew everyone would want seconds. What was leftover we had the following day...
* BBQ Sausages: The kiddos weren't very hungry this night, so they had picnic plates and I cooked the sausages and added them to the leftover pasta bake from yesterday and warming it through. 
* Pitta/bagel pizzas: I forgot to take the pitta breads out of the freezer and I ate all the bagels (oops!) for lunches. But I did have some spare tortilla wraps from the enchiladas and kids lunches so we used them instead. 

Now, onto this is the plan:

Saturday: Out for the day

Sunday: Lasagna with side salad and garlic bread. 

One of the best yellow sticker finds this week was a huge family size lasagna for just 90p! (reduced from £6!) served with some side salad (also yellow sticker) and garlic bread. 

Monday: Mac and cheese. 

I had this planned anyways, but as I am rubbish at making cheese sauce I had sachets of cheese sauce on my shopping list, and I dont know if it is just my Tesco but it only sells branded sachets now, and 90p for 1 sachet is so expensive (I use at least 4!!!) but in the yellow sticker crate I found 3 mac and cheese ready meals reduced to 25p each. So I bought them. Not as healthy as making it myself, but I know the kiddos will love it!

Tuesday: Cheesy chorizo bean melt with warm flatbreads. 

Chorizo we had in the fridge from a couple of weeks ago, beans we always have in and I got some seeded flat breads reduced from £1.50 to 25p. 

Wednesday: Slow cooker chicken stew with dumplings and stuffing. 

Got a couple of bags of prepped casserole veggies for about 30p so they will work perfect in a stew.

Thursday:  Fish, chips and mushy peas.

We got some fish nuggets last week reduced to 32p, this week, another great find...breaded fish fillets reduced from £3 odd to less than 50p! BARGAIN!

Friday: Pizza's (yes again!)

We got 3 or 4 pepperoni pizzas reduced to 25p. 

I will be filming our meals this week and popping it up on our YT channel in a couple of weeks, so pop over and give us a follow over there too. 


  1. Wow you really did get some amazing buys! £6 down to 90p? NICE!

    Sounds like a delicious week and thanks for linking up x

  2. I love yellow stickers sounds like you got some amazing bargains I am jealous did you go late at night?

    Charlotte xx

    1. Yep we go just after 7 which is about the time to grab the bargains at our store...luckily this week there was no one hanging around waiting so we got the pick of the bunch!!


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