Tried and Tested Beach Hacks For Parents By Parents.

We have all seen the videos pop up in our Facebook news feed, those hacks you couldn't possibly live without, but lets be honest, we have all watched those videos and eye rolled at some of the suggestions, and subsequently cry laughed at the comments left! As a seaside family we spent a whole lotta time at the beach and I wont lie I don't have time to try out BuzzFeed's 100 beach hacks article  (disclaimer this article probably doesn't exist...but it might!) I only want to know about those hacks that have been tried and tested by parents,  so I asked my Instagram followers and fellow parent bloggers and got their best tried and tested beach hacks for parents...

1) Firstly, in my opinion the BEST BEACH HACK EVER that every parent everywhere should know is the talcum powder hack. Even my sisters love this hack and so now, no beach trip is complete without a tub of talc in our bags (I even have a travel size tub in my handbag for unplanned trips!) Super easy too, just rub talc onto feet and toes after you have left the sand and it just rubs all of the sand off super easily, no struggle, no moans about rough towel scrubbing, just quick and easy de-sanding of toes!!

And if you don't want to take my word for it, it was also suggested by Beth at Twinderelmo, Nellie at Nellie Pom Poms'and almost all of my Instagram followers!!

2) The next tried and tested hack from Lianne at Ankle Biters Adventures also kept coming up time and time again on Instagram and that was the fitted sheet hack. Unfold and pull the sheet out, put something in every corner to hold it in place and ta-dah some where for littleys to play safely, without eating handfuls of sand every two minutes!

3) Jessica from Mrs Hible said that her baby adored the make shift pool they made in the sand by digging a hole, and laying an old shower curtain inside of it and filling with sea water collected in a bucket.

4) Sand proof towels like these (AFFILIATE LINK) were suggested by Ruth at Craft with Cartwright

5) Another hack we use and love is this one suggested by Jennifer at Mighty Mama Bear, freeze your drinks the night before you go and they will gradually defrost throughout the day, meaning it lasts longer and stays colder longer.

6) Lucy at The Parent Game Blog suggested the fake dirty nappy hack. Wrap your valuables in a clean nappy, fastening  it the way you would a used one. I mean no in is going to risk it are they!

7) Another hack I loved from Nellie at Nellie Pom Poms was her tips to keep the teens (and yourself!) somewhat happy, take a battery pack and never ever mention any kind of time, especially what time you will be leaving!

8) Take a couple of carrier bag's folded up in your handbag/beach bag for all of your rubbish. That way you can carry it with you until you find a bin.

9) Kate Plus Four suggested letting the kiddos carry their lunch in the buckets and spades. Less stuff to carry home, and remember with the carrier bag that is already in your beach bag (see above hack!) you have somewhere to pop all the rubbish. She saw it on meandmygingas instagram and has used it and loved it since!

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