Why A Mobile Broadband Device Will Be Your Best Friend!

Whether we like it or not, we live in a technology loving world, for almost every waking moment of the day we rely on the internet, from checking the weather before a day out to keeping the kids quiet for half an hour in a bust restaurant, but what about when you don't have a large data package on your phone...

One of the kids fave things to do during the summer is to go on a Pokemon hunt, and with the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game on their radar you can bet that it is gonna drain my pay as you go DATA faster than you can say 'look there's Pikachu'!! Sound familiar? So other than forking out on an expensive phone contract with unlimited data what can you do?

Picture the scene...You are out with the kids and searching for Pokemon GO, you spot that super rare Charmander and you try and catch it but your measly mobile data allowance runs out! You search your settings for a local business with unlocked Wi-Fi and sigh at how unlucky you are as you watch Charmander run away from your clasp!

Or how about you are out and about at a rubbish car boot and you get a notification that the genuine vintage Chanel bag you have been watching with eagle eyes is about to end and you go to stick a stealthy last-minute bid on...except the page won't load, because, yep, you guessed it, your measly mobile data allowance ran out AGAIN!

A couple of years ago we were sent (gifted) a MiFi device like this one and, without a doubt, it is the best thing we have ever had! Our current contract is about to end so we have been checking out some data sim only deals.

We use ours most during weekends when we are travelling backwards and forwards to football matches, and football tournaments, it is great for the kids and their tablets, from watching a movie on Netflix in the car, or YouTube for keeping them busy mid-match (the kids not playing of course!),

It will also come in handy when you are staying away from home, hands up if you have been stung by the nasty WiFi prices in a hotel? We stayed in a London hotel last year that cost £8 a day PER DEVICE! I mean, our long weekend away would have cost us £70 just for mine, Deans and Ellie's mobiles, let alone the kids tablets! And if you go camping with the kids, again, no one wants to be woken up at 6 am by kids running riot through the camp (yes my kids act like feral animals when out in the wild!) so again, the mobile sim came in handy at keeping them in bed a little longer, seriously can I hear an Amen for the mi-fi device and YouTube, saving the day like Batman and Robin!

So do you need any more convincing?  A data sim only deal and a MiFi device is our best friend in a huge range of situations, and if you are a parent who likes to get out and about, I promise it will be perfect for you and your family! Whether we are Pokemon hunting, exploring with Harry Potter and friends, travelling long distances (or short...let's not be too fussy!) it seriously comes in so handy.

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