How To Make A Jar Of Supermarket Value Pasta Sauce Taste Luxury

I know that some people really despise using jarred sauces, ''they are full of junk'' they say, ''you don't know whats in it'' they say, ''its cheaper to make your own'' that last one is what I used to say...but lets get real for a minute...they also have their place! A cheapo jar of pasta sauce will set you back anywhere between 25p-40p in most UK supermarkets, but using a few store cupboard and fridge staples you can transform a meek and humble (and pretty tasteless) budget jar of pasta sauce into something Mama Dolmio and the luxury high priced versions would be jealous of!

What you need:

A handful or cherry tomatoes
2 red onions
Garlic (either 2 cloves or a dollop of puree!)
Balsamic vinegar

Start by chopping the cherry tomatoes in half, and slicing the onion, crush the garlic of you are using cloves. 
Heat some olive oil in a deep pan, and add the tomatoes, onion and garlic (unless you are using puree, then hold that for now!) to the pan and sautee until soft. 
Once they are nice and soft, add the jar of sauce, (garlic puree if using) and a good glug of balsamic. 

Cook for 5 minutes and then add to your pasta, we used this sauce as a base for todaywecooked stuffed spinach and ricotta shells and ohhhh it was was good! 

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