Budget Family Meal Plan #35

Orange you glad to see me! 

How is everyone getting on with their own meal plans? Do you meal plan or are you just here for some 'tea tonight' inspo? 

Last weeks meal plan was...well a bit of a disaster! I had a bad week of mental health and this reflected in a lack of motivation and so we relied on quick freezer foods and such. 

Saturday: Meatball pasta bake - Delicious!
Sunday: Spiced veggie burgers - we had this another night (Tuesday) and I adapted the recipe to add more veggies into it. They were really good but need some perfecting before I share the recipe here.I cant even remember this far back but I think the kids had fishfingers and chips, Dean had fishcake and chips and I had leftover pasta bake (with tripe the cheese!) 
Monday: Mexican rice filled veggie pittas - me and Jenson ended up having this on Friday night. The girls ended up at my Nans and we wanted something quick and easy before football. (I will share a recipe soon) We had hunters chicken instead
Tuesday: Chorizo hash and eggs -  we had the spiced veggie burgers instead. 
Wednesday: Vegetable Parmigiana - OK so...It turned out the Jenson and Evie had a trip that didnt return back until 5.30, it was also football night so I thought I would do slow cooker jackets instead...except OH MY GOD! What a disaster...We didn't have any foil and I couldn't be bothered to go to the shop just for foil. so I just thought I would chuck them in the oven after the school run and I was gonna just reheat Evie and Jenson's when they got home. Except I forgot that for some strange reason I CAN NOT  COOK A JACKET POTATO! And even though they went in at 3.30, by 4.45 they were nowhere near cooked, and I needed to leave the house soon to collect the kids. So they ended up in the bin and the kids had a picnic plate when we got back, me and Dean had a rubbish ready meal when the kids had gone bed. In hind sight I could have just turned the oven off and switched it back on when we got home, but my head wasn't in the game, in my head everything was going wrong, everyone hated me. I hated life and they just got dumped in the wheely bin (baking tray included!) in my mist of red rage!
Thursday: Hunters Chicken - We had this on Monday instead and oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH! You need to try Katy's Slow Cooker Hunters Chicken! I'm telling you, this is definitly a new family fave! My head was still in a funk so I popped in the chippy on the way home from school. 
Friday: Jacket potatoes - I mean...you read above right!!! ME and Jenson had mexican veggie pittas!

Here is this weeks plan, lets hope this week is kinder to me! I have tried to make this week an easy meal kind of week, because I don't want to lose my shit over jacket potatoes and I certainly don't want to throw anymore baking trays away!

Saturday: Eating out

Me and Dean are collecting my brother from uni late afternoon and we wont be back home until late evening/night so will grab something on the go, probably a Macdonalds, or a takeaway when we get home. The kids are all at Grandparents houses so will eat there. 

Sunday: Fakeaway KFC

On Monday my sister bought some slider hash browns thinking about making homemade  KFC tower burgers and what can I say, I haven't stopped thinking about them all week so this was first on my meal plan this week!

Monday: Cheesy tuna melts, herby wedges, salad and chunky slaw.

We haven't had these for so long! I basically fill some of those oven bake petit pans with tuna and cheese and bake in the oven until the bread is cooked and the cheese is melty. Super easy for a football night, and something everyone likes. 

Tuesday: Bolognese stuffed pasta shells, garlic pitta breads and salad. 

I saw this recipe on Instagram (healthy.happy.laura) and I can not believe I have never thought to do this before! 

Wednesday: Cheesy potato bake

I spotted this on someone's meal plan last week and it took me straight back to my childhood, my dad used to make this for us all the time! And when I was a single mama and it was just me and Ellie, we used to have this all the time (before she decided she didn't like cheese or mash!) she will make herself something else or be at her Nan's for the night when we have this. If I get any sausages yellow stickered I might have them with this, if not ill serve it as a veggie option with baked beans. 

Thursday: Cheesy bean bakes and fries

Think a fakeaway Greggs. Ill make up some cheesy bean bakes whilst the kiddos are at school. They will love this tea!

Friday: Pizza night. 

Easy, kids fave! They will enjoy this. 


  1. I am glad you had the freezer for food bits as its the last thing you want to think about. Your KFC fakeaway sounds a brilliant idea and hope it goes well. We loved cheesy potato bake too you have got me wanting to do it for my boys x

  2. Oh I do love a zinger tower burger - never thought of making my own before

  3. Sounds like a great meal planning week. Fakeaway KFC sounds fab

  4. So sorry last week wasn't great for you!
    We do love a Fakeaway KFC. Way cheaper than a real one.
    I think my girls would love the Cheesy bean bakes. They love anything like that. x

  5. Sorry that last week was rubbish for you, I think I'm going to have one of those weeks this week!

  6. Oh I have had to steal some of the ideas which you have had for meals. You have had an amazing week of food.

    Charlotte xx


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