Budget Family Meal Plan #34

A penne for your thoughts?

I am really looking forward to our meals this week, well I always look forward to them, one of my biggest tips is to cook food you want to eat. It makes cooking from scratch so much easier, and so much less of a chore! 

Last weeks meal plan went OK, we had most things on the list, although some bits got shifted around during the week (as usual!) 

Saturday: Mushroom Curry- I had some chicken left over and it needed using up so I added this to the curry as well as some other veggies we had hanging around! It was really yummy, and everyone really enjoyed it! 
Sunday: We had  a Macdonalds on the way home from a birthday day out. 
Monday: Samosas and Indian potatoes: Delish, delish, delish!
Tuesday: Spiced Chickpea Burgers - I absolutely had no motivation to do anything on Tuesday night (hellllloooo PMT!!!) so I swapped it up with Friday night pizzas. 
Wednesday: BBQ Sausages - Again thanks to mother nature, all I wanted to do was get in bed! So I made some sausage baps (sarnies, cobs....whatever we want to call them!) and hash browns instead!
Thursday: Meatball pasta bake- I came to make this and we didn't have any pasta in! I don't even know how that happened because a) we always have pasta and b) I always write a shopping list to do the weekly shop, so not sure how i missed it off! Anyhoooo, we had some minted lamb kebab sticks in the freezer, so  I cooked those, made up a quick coleslaw and warmed some flatbreads, the kids really enjoyed this, and so did I. 
Friday: Pizzas- We ended up going to my Nanas for tea on Friday so the pizza/burger swap got scrapped! (will have the burgers this week instead)

Here is this weeks meal plan (as usual the days will more than likely get swapped around!) 

Saturday: Meatball pasta bake w. garlic bread

I remembered the pasta from Tesco so we will have this tonight, we are at a charity football match all afternoon so this is quick and easy, in fact I can prep it in the morning and just chuck it in the oven when we get home. (Sorry...ignore me just typing my thoughts!)

Sunday: Spicy chickpea burgers 

I've posted this recipe before, they are so easy to make and really tasty, a defo fave in this house. It's a today we cooked recipe, if you aren't following them you should be!

Monday: Mexican veggie rice filled pittas

I can't remember what I saw, but it inspired me to make mexican rice and stuff them into pitta breads, lets hope its nice!

Tuesday: Chorizo hash and eggs 

This is another Instagram recipe (I tell you I am OBSESSSED with food accounts on Insta right now!) I just came across this account, healthy happy Laura, and ohhh the food looks good! The recipe for this hash is in her highlights. 

Wednesday: Vegetable Parmigiana

Another Instagram recipe (I did tell you I was obsessed!) this time from food obsessed girl. I can not wait to eat all this cheesy goodness!!!

Thursday:  Slow cooker hunters chicken, wedges, onion rings and peas

Hunters Chicken is my all time fave! If it is on a menu I am probably gonna pick that! I've never made it at home though and I have seen this slow cooker recipe a  few times over on the lovely Katy Kickers blog. I mean look at that photo...how bloody good does it look! GET IN MY TUMMY!

Friday:  Slow cooker jacket potatoes with cheese and beans 

Slow cooker jacket potatoes are a revelation! I'm telling you. I'm not sure what fillings we have, probably just a boring choice of cheese, beans, tuna...let me know what you have on your jacket potatoes in the comments below...Inspire me people!


  1. I've never tried a jacket potato in the slow cooker, sounds interesting. I'm liking the chickpea burgers, they look yummy.

  2. Your meals always sound so good!
    I love the sound of the Mexican veggie rice filled pittas. Such a great idea and the Vegetable Parmigiana sounds amazing x

  3. I've never had Hunters chicken so I should look to correct that. On Jacket potatoes I like to have cheese and coleslaw.

  4. ooo i love the sound of the chorizo egg hash - will go check it out #mealplanningmondays

  5. I'm so happy you've made and enjoyed one of my recipes today - really made my afternoon brighten up!

    Thanks for linking up and your meals sound amazing, as always! I need to start branching out and finding some new food accounts I think!

  6. I love the days when we have pizza and if i do not want to cook i can move the meals around. I must do hunters chicken

  7. I keep meaning to wang some jacket potatoes in the slow cooker - I just know they will turn out lovely! Oh, thanks for linking to that Spicy Chickpea Burger from Today we Cooked - that's another one of her recipes I want to cook. xxx


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