Budget Family Meal Plan #33

Another one bites the crust

We seem to have quite a bit leftover in the fridge this week, last weeks yellow sticker bits seem to be holding out well and so far, over a week past their 'best before' date they are still going super strong! This makes writing up a meal plan so much easier when you have the basis to your meals staring you in the face, obviously this really helps with sticking to a budget too!! 

Last weeks meal plan went quite well, with a week of rain (and I mean a week of non stop rain!!) afterschool clubs being cancelled and nothing to do but stay home, it meant it was easy to stick to what we had planned!

Saturday: We were out for the day and when we got in the kids just had a snack.
Sunday: Lasagna: the lasagna was delish! We havent had one for ages and I forgot how much I love them!
Monday: Mac and cheese, kids fave!
Tuesday: Cheesy chorizo bean melt: Sooooooo good! Ill pop up a recipe soon. 
Wednesday: Chicken casserole. Ohhhhh this was sooo good!
Thursday: Fish and chips: We didn't end up having this on Thursday. we had it Friday instead. On the way home from school run we got absolutely soaked! Like we could have jumped in a pool and have been drier, kinda soaked! I just couldn't be arsed to cook so we got a takeaway! We haven't had take out for months and it tasted so much better than I remember!
Friday: Pizza. We had yesterdays fish and chips because the fish had been defrosted and needed eating. 

Here is this weeks plan:

Saturday: Mushroom curry with veggie rice and naan breads.

Another todaywecooked Instagram recipe, will be making a little extra so I can fill samosas with it on Monday

Sunday: Eating out (Evie's birthday)

Monday: Leftover curry samosas with spiced potatoes and spinach

The spiced potatoes and spinach is a recipe I spotted on Hungry, Healthy, Happy Instagram stories.  The samosas will be just like my cheats samosas (recipe here) but with leftover curry filling rather than mixed veg.

Tuesday: Spiced chickpea burgers, chunky slaw and wedges.

Another todaywecooked recipe (yes...I am obsessed!) 

Wednesday: BBQ sausages, chips, onon rings, garlic mushrooms and beans. 

This is a new family fave so we end up having it at least once every 2/3 weeks!

Thursday: Meatball pasta bake with hidden veg sauce. 

I have some meatballs that need using up, and I got some hidden veg pasta sauce from heron for 59p. 

Friday: Pizza night

Because its Friday!!


  1. It always sounds like you do the best meals! Can I come for tea? Haha x Thanks for linking up! x

  2. Very tasty, I'll be looking out for your nachos recipe.


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