5 Ideas For...Free Things To Do In Skegness This Summer

The summer holidays are almost here, and as someone who is frugal and mum to 4 kiddos, I like to look for free stuff to do in the local area. I have a little list of things that are our ''go to'' activities in the summer holidays in Skegness, so thought I would share them....

1- The Beach

OK, so not the most original idea. But it is one of the main reasons people visit Skegness. Whether you decide to set up camp on the main beach, pack a picnic and find a quieter spot away from the crowds, or just walk...and walk...and walk! The beach is my fave place to just go and let the kids run of some steam for the day.  TRY THESE TRIED AND TESTED BEACH HACKS

2- Fairy Dell 

We love, love LOVE the fairy dell. The kids ask every day during the summer months if we can go, pack up a picnic and get there early to get your spot, seating is limited and believe me it gets VERY busy! READ MORE

3- Search for Skegness Rocks

I set up Skegness Rocks 2 years ago after seeing it in a few other towns/cities around the country. Its still going strong and is a great way to fill a boring afternoon. If you are a visitor why not take one back to your home town and see how far we can make a Skegness Rocks rock travel!

4-  Seasonal Events

There are so so many seasonal events in Skegness and the majority always have something free to enjoy. 2 of our annual family faves are Skegness Carnival Week, every year there is a parade, and during the week lots of events, last year there was a pantomine type show every day. Along with 999 days, armed forces day, pet shows, circus skills etc etc. and the So! Festival -  a weekend of free events all day all weekend, from street performers, live shows, art installments etc. In my opinion ts definitely worth planning your trip to Skegness around!

Its also worth noting that on various days throughout the year the shopping centre in the town holds special events for kids, namely the trick or treat weekend, dress up, trick or treat in the shops, and meet some spooky(ish!) characters. Over the last couple of years the kids have 'met' the Grinch and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast). They also hold workshop days, so far this year there has been a Jedi School, Pirate School, kite making, rock painting, Wizard School...so many free things to fill your day.

5- The Village at Church Farm Museum

Now...this is actually not one of my favourite places (can I say that!?!!). BUT my kids love it, so I have included it! I mean for something free to do for an hour, it fills the time and they have regular themed events. (I do believe entry is a voluntary donation) and they have a real life steam engine that my kids LOVE so if you manage to visit on  a day that Bob The Engine is out, it makes the trip kinda worth while!

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