Budget Family Meal Plan #30

Hands up who's hungry?

I can't believe that I have reached 30 meal plans here on the blog! Although I have been meal planning for a lot longer than 30 weeks...I actually think its coming up to 2 and a half years, maybe longer, and I cant believe how much meal planning has changed our finances! Before I started meal planning we would spend upwards of £90, then do a 'top up' shop in the week which would be upward of £30. Add to that the days we would probably end up buying something to chuck in the microwave and the nights we would order a takeaway and we was probably spending an extra £50 a week. And throwing the majority of that £90 food shop away! 

This weeks shop came to around £50 for 6 of us, which is actually a very expensive week for us (usually we spend around £30) but as it is half term I have planned for lunches too. I filmed a video about how I meal plan a couple of years ago, you can watch it here. Although I do shop slightly different now so should really update this video, but at least that will get you started!

Last weeks meal plan was a bit half and half, a trip to hospital meant things were shook up but her is how it went: 

*Hot dog and fries: This was the perfect tea for Saturday, Elsie was sick and so just wanted to be attached to me and only me at all times! This meant I was in and out the kitchen as quickly as possible!
*Winter veg pie: This was OK, but not something I would make again. 
*Jacket potatoes: On Monday, Elsie was admitted to hospital with a bad case of dehydration, Ellie did an amazing job and cooked the kiddos some tea, just something quick from the freezer, before they went to football and she was waiting for Dean to get home from work (I cant tell you how much of a blessing it has to have a teen who is old enough to babysit in emergency situations!) 
*Spicy coconut stir fry: This was....oh my gosh...soooooo sooo good! But next time I will swap the chunky peanut butter for smooth as the bite of the peanuts ruined this for me to be honest!
*BBQ sausages: Once again this was a hit. I can see this becoming a household fave!
*Veggie tagine: We didn't have this, the meal plan got jiggled around a bit and the day after hospital (we had an over night stay) we ended up having a freezer tea, because well...after a whole 24++ hours in hopspital all I wantd to do was chill out and not waste time in the kitchen!
*Bagel pizzas: We didnt have this either, I took the bagels from the freezer and when I came to use them they were all stale, and I know that we were going to cook them, but they were just too stale to even bother! But what I did do was fake a Tesco sandwich meal deal (which for some reason my kids are obsessed with!) 

Saturday: Sweet and sour cauliflower with egg fried rice and vegetable chow mein.

Another absolutely amazing recipe from Today We Cooked, the whole family loved this, and I cant believe just how easy it was to make my own sweet and sour sauce! Jenson even declared this better than the best takeaway in town...I mean!

Sunday: Pie and mash with veggies, gravy and stuffing.

Nothing special here, just a pie we got a few weeks ago from yellow sticker (family size pie reduced from £3 to 75p!)  

Monday: Slow cooker jacket potatoes with cheesy beans or tuna mayo

Lets try this again shall we! If you are new around here...Monday nights are football nights and jacket potatoes in the slow cooker mean everyone can eat them as and when they want them. Its also a good meal for giving the kiddos just enough energy to run around a pitch for an hour!

Tuesday: All the veggies cottage pie with root veg mash.

I think we are supposed to be going to the farm on Tuesday so I thought the filling can go in the slow cooker and I will prep that morning too, then when we get home from the day out I will pop it all in a baking tray and pop it in the oven to crisp the top of the mash! Yummers! 

Wednesday: Baked Cheesy Mushroom Ziti 

This looks right up our street! What isn't there to love about a cheesy baked pasta dish!

Thursday: Ham, cheese and leek potato bake with steamed green veg.

This is one I have made up in my head! If it is good, I will be sure to share a recipe sometime soon!

Friday: Spiced veggie burgers and dirty fries. 

This is another recipe I spotted on the Today We Cooked Instagram account, I'm going to serve ours with a side of spicy BBQ veggie dirty fries..mmmm mmmmmm mmm!


  1. I hope that Ellie is ok now and the meal planning goes a bit more to plan this week. Sounds like you're going to have a delicious week!

  2. Your week sounds delicious, that sweet and sour dish sounds and looks amazing!

  3. I hope Ellie is ok now, you must be shattered if your like me i never sleep when my little boy gets addmitted. Slow cooker jackets what a brilliant idea never thought of that

  4. I noticed my shopping bill really drop after I started meal planning. This week it has jumped up a little with the kids being off school. I hope Elsie is feeling better now.
    All of your meals sound so good. x


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