Family Meal Plan #27

This weeks eats...

Hey, so I'm back with another meal plan (I mean 2 weeks in a row is quite an achievement for me!) and this week I would love you to leave me a comment and tell me if you follow our meal plans or if you use them for inspiration? Have you cooked something recently that you saw either here on the blog or over on our Instagram? Let me know what it was and what you thought!

I did pretty good at sticking to plan last week, you can find last weeks meal plan here
  • Jerk potato and black bean curry: This was really nice, but a little bit spicy! I think next time I will hold back on some of the spices to make it a little more kid friendly.
  • Fakeaway bbq belly pork: this was so sooo good! We will definitly be having this again!
  • Veggie tagine: Didn't have. 
  • Cheesy baked mushroom ravioli: This was a great big disaster! We ended up having some kind of pasta concoction instead...but the kids enjoyed it!
  • Fish pie: Delicious as always!

Monday: Jacket potatoes filled with cheesy mushrooms and spinach 

Monday nights are busy with football training, so I will cook the potatoes in the slow cooker and make the cheesy topping/filling when we get in from school. 

Tuesday: Slow cooker veggie tacos

Another busy night, this time with parents evening! So I will make use of the slow cooker again so that we have something yummy to look forward  too! 

Wednesday: Hulk smash pasta

I've had this on the meal plan for weeks and so far never gotten around to making ti, much to the kids annoyance! Lets see if I can get around to it this week! If I do, I'll add a recipe next week!

Thursday: Crushed potato topped shepherds pie

I can't believe how busy this week is going to be! Another football night, so I can prep this in the afternoon and chuck it in the oven as soon as we get in from school! I love the simplicity of this shepherds pie, because let me tell you...I HATE mashing potatoes!

Friday: Fakeaway 'Subway' Meatball Marinara and tortilla chips.

We had this at half term and with chilli cheese, it was divine! Find the recipe here on Instagram. 

Saturday: Spicy jackfruit burritos.

If you aren't following today we cooked on Instagram, then you are seriously missing out! Such gorgeous food, all meat free. The recipe for these delish looking burritos can be found here.

Sunday: Stilton and leek bread and butter bake with steamed veg

I can't even speak...I'm drooling too much! Is it Sunday yet? Find the recipe here.

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  1. Everything looks absolutely wonderful. Love the idea of the loaded baked potatoes. My husband would love those! Also a friend of mine used this idea when entertaining friends and family. Having a baked potato bar with all the fixin's...especially if they looked at good as yours...would be a grand idea.


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