5 Tips To Get Rid of Self Doubt

I am assuming that if you are hear reading this you are having THIS feeling...the feeling that you don't deserve a success, you aren't good enough, you don't belong. Research in 2011 found that around 70% of people have felt or will feel this at least once in there life. THIS feeling has a name, self doubt, imposter syndrome. And it doesn't just affect you, your best friend has probably felt it, your neighbour, the man at the bus stop, heck even your favourite celebrity, did you know Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hanks, and more have all spoken out about their own episodes of self doubt. So what can you do right now to get rid of self doubt? Try one of these 5 tips and say hello to a brand new confident you...

1. Have a word with yourself and be your own best friend...

Imagine if a friend came and told you that they were going to turn down that promotion because they didn't deserve it or they wasn't good enough for the job. I mean firstly you would tell them to stop acting crazy right? Then you would give them a TED talk and they would go ahead and accept that promotion and slay it right?


So guess what? Your gonna have to to this to yourself...grab a mirror and do this, have a word, give your head a wobble and go slay!

2. Celebrate your wins. 

Grab a notebook and write down your wins. And remember to count all the times you have said  “oh, I just got lucky” or “It wasn’t me, it was my team.” write those down too, because without you it still wouldn't have been a win would it?

3. Talk to someone positive.

Pick up the phone and talk. I always know that my sister will give me the best talking to.

When you keep your thoughts to yourself your head will just make everything worse, your thoughts will become exaggerated and you will start setting yourself unreasonable expectations. Talking to someone close to you about your self-doubting will not only get you that ted talk we spoke about up top, but will help you to hear how exaggerated self doubt has become.

Talking about those doubts with someone that is supportive will hopefully make you change your perspective.

4. Give yourself a boost of positivity. 

Pick up your phone and watch a video or listen to a podcast of someone you find enthusiastic and motivational. 

This 15 minute boost can help you to shift your self-doubt into an optimism and enthusiasm that you didn't have before.

Let me know in the comments below your favourite positivity podcasts and positive YouTubers.

If all else fails...

5. Fake it till you make it! 

Rome wasn't built in a day! OK, so you feel you aren't good enough, but believe me you are! So take that opportunity and keep on working on getting rid of that imposter syndrome. Because you are more than worth it, you are more than good enough and you can do this!

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