WUKA Period Wear. Bring A Whole New Meaning To 'Period Pants'

If you had told me one year ago that I would soon be looking into more eco friendly and sustainable period products, I probably would have told you to give your head a wobble! A year ago, heck even just a few months ago, period pants meant one thing, period cups sounded grim, and nothing other than a tampon was ever gonna be used by me!

Roll on to summer 2018 and, I don't know what changed in me, whether it was the likes of Mrs Meldrum, Natasha Bailie and Lulalistic Hippyshake all talking openly about period cups and periods in general, opening my eyes and moving my thoughts away from all those stereotypical thoughts abut women who use moon cups or if it was the likes of the whole plastic free/less waste movement we have all seen this year. Anyways, my whole mindset changed and whilst period cups just didn't sit well with me, I just, I don't know, the whole contraption scared me (and still does slightly, although I am thinking about just jumping in and buying one!) so I started looking around for other alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads.

That is when I came across period pants, and no I don't mean those scruffy faded pants in the bottom of your undie drawer (don't lie ladies we all have at least one pair!). I mean the all new ultra absorbent, machine-washable underwear designed to be worn throughout your period, WITHOUT the need for disposable sanitary products.

And then, around the same time as this option became apparent to me, I also saw that WUKA were looking for influencers to review. I mean it just had to be fate right?

So how did I get on? Read on too find out....

So, what is WUKA period wear and how the heck does it work?

WUKA Period Wear is ultra-hygienic and comfortable period pants. WUKA period wear combines a hi-tech absorbent layer with anti bacterial properties with eco-friendly fabrics. 

Founded by Ruby Raut, an environmental scientist,  in 2017 to solve the problems that surround disposable menstrual products. You can read more about what inspired Ruby to create WUKA Wear here.

WUKA period wear is made up of 4 layers of fabric:  Inner / Outer fabrics are made of soft, breathable, moisture wicking and luxurious Lenzing ® MicroModal fabric. Central layers include an absorbent layer that is uniquely used in our underwear that absorbs blood and the final
leak-proof layer that prevents  blood from passing through the underwear.

Each pair can easily hold around 20ml of blood  (which is around 4 tampons worth)  so you can rest assured you'll stay dry. And unlike pads and tampons, you can wear each pair of WUKA for around 8 hours on any menstruating days and they will last all night leak free!

WUKA, available in sizes 6-20, cost £24.99 a pair, with free UK delivery and a 40 day happiness guarantee.

How did I get on? 

After chatting with Ruby over email I was advised to go for my usual size, although try and size down if you wear 2 sizes (so, I'm usually a 10/12 and went with a size 10) and then I sat back and waited patiently for both my delivery and more importantly in this matter....my period!

And so finally the day came! I kid you not, I was so excited to get my WUKA on, I slipped my new undies on and oh...oh...oh they are just so super soft and so comfy! From the mesh side panels to the stretchy elasticated branded waistband. They are just the comfiest, best fitting under wear I have worn in years!

I was worried that the absorbent layers would feel a bit stiff and 'nappy' like. But I needn't have worried. They molded around me perfectly, fitting like they had been made for me personally, there was no slipping, no pants (or sanitary towels) sticking up my bum, I was able to wear my usual tight skinny jeans without having to worry you could see the lines or any bulk from the layers. And what's more I felt completely safe, I didn't feel the need to take any spare undies with me when I went our for breakfast and nor did I feel like I should probably wear a tampon just to see how I got on.

I just felt like these pants knew what they were doing! They had a job to do and man, they were gonna do it!
Keep reading to find out how I got on during the night...

Evening came, and I wont lie...I wasn't sure if to wear a tampon, my periods are so heavy on days 1 and 2 that I usually have to wake up in the night and change my tampon at least twice through the night! So of course,  I was super scared that I would awake to a massacre in the morning...and so, with one pair of WUKA not quite dry on the radiator and my second pair almost ready for the wash,  at just before 6 o clock that night, just before we took the kiddos to football, I popped in a tampon. Whilst  walking home from football, I felt the familar uh oh moment, this tampon had not even been in for 90 minutes, was leaking already! I had gone a whole day without any leaks with the period pants so the fact that I couldn't even rely on a tampon for 2 hours, really pi**ed me off!

I got home and changed my tampon again, I only had 2 pairs of WUKA and so knew that I would need one pair to see me through the night and another in the morning, so thought 1 more tampon and then ill change into my period pants ready for bed...between 7.30 and 10 pm, I changed my tampon another 2 times. (For anyone doubting me...I wear the super size tampons...)

It was day one of my period and in just 4 hours I had worn 3 tampons.

At 10pm, I changed back into my period wear and went to bed, I quickly fell asleep, 50/50 about whether WUKA would hold a full night seeing as I was experiencing such a heavy flow! I quickly fell asleep and I didn't wake up until around 2pm, now usually if this had been any other period protection I would have to get up and change the whole bedding, yet I felt dry? I popped to the loo, to find...

Everything was completely fine! I went back to bed and when I awoke at 7 WUKA was still doing its job!


Keep reading for my final thoughts...

Final thoughts and will I continue to use WUKA?

So would I recommend WUKA and will I use them again next month? 

YES! Without a doubt WUKA are my new go to when it comes to period protection. OK so at £24.99 they are not the cheapest option available, but they seem to have washed well and I feel like I can easily add to my collection so don't have to be doing the washing and drying cycle so manically! 

I realise that this has been rather a long blog post to say I have been talking about pants BUT I promised in my Instastories that I would answer some questions from my followers: 

Do you not feel sick looking at all the blood?

I haven't seen any! WUKA quickly soaks any blood away so you don't have to see it!

Do they smell?

NO! This was one of my worries though, and I asked my sister a couple of times...do I smell?!? Even when I woke after a night of heavy flow there was minimal smell. 

Are they messy?
Nope. I haven't had any mess as of yet. I have been able to wear them for the full 8 hours, mess and leak free.
Does the blood not soak into your other clothes in the washer?

No! Its a period, not a murder!

Do they really work?


Are they like a nappy?

No, not at all.
What did your hubby think?

I mean...I haven't asked, and he hasn't made any comment. Can I be blunt? I don't care if he hated them! Its MY body, MY period, MY choice!

What did Ellie think? Do you think she will convert?

She was a little grossed out, she probably had the same reaction that I would have had a year ago, and no I don't think she will be a convert. At least not yet, WUKA do sell teen sizes though so if she ever decides that period wear is for her then we know where to go. 

Can you see them under your clothes?

I wear skinny jeans and no, I don't think you can see them...see...



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  1. Hey! I too have tried WUKA wear and absolutely love them 😍 They've completely changed my whole outlook on period underwear & i now only use my WUKA pants & some cotton reusable pads i bought from Etsy. So much better for me and the environment! 🙌
    So pleased you love them too!


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