Family Meal Plan #NoFoodWaste -2

It's no secret that the world is currently going zero waste crazy right now (and quite rightly) and whilst our house and family are so (so so so) far from being plastic free and completely zero waste in our house, one way we have started to make a change is by cutting back on the amount of food we throw away. Hands up if you cook a Sunday roast and throw the leftovers rest get left to go off and eventually get thrown in the bin, whether that be Sunday night or later in the week when you realise that you put that leftover meat in the fridge but forgot to use it?? We have all done it. All of us...but by making one small change to the way you meal plan and shop,  your food waste, and consequently, your food bill can drop dramatically. Every week I'm going to share our meal plan that shows just how I am doing this.

Then once a month over on YouTube I will share a week of family meal ideas, and a grocery haul. And then over here on the blog I will share a meal plan each week and a recipe post that will show you how to get the most from your meal plan. And if you follow us over on Instagram, I occasionally share our food in stories (when I remember!) 

Top tip...get used to saving your leftovers. Sundays left over mash can become Mondays fishcakes, or a shepherds pie topping. 

Recipe links...

Turkey Curry (coming soon)

Cranberry Rice (coming soon)

Homemade Naan, Homemade Garlic Bread and Pizza Dough use this dough recipe. Full recipes for these will be coming soon. 

Using the meal plan in the above order will mean you are able to batch cook and use up leftovers as follows:

Split the mince into 3, it will be for 3 meals this week. 

Any left over mash from Sunday can be used on Mondays shepherds pie

Any veggies left over from Monday can go in Tuesdays curry

When you make the dough for Tueday's naan, triple the recipe, split and refrigerate for later in the week. 

When you cook Wednesdays mince, cook double and before adding herbs and spices for a bolognaise split it into 2 and refrigerate the second lot for tomorrows chilli. 

Linking up with Katy over at katykicker, go check her out for even more meal plan ideas. 


  1. When we have a roast dinner I always try to use the leftovers for the next day.
    I love the sound of the curry and the cranberry rice! It sounds so festive. x

  2. I am so bad at that even with the meal plan. Your week of food sounds great and chilli filled tacos what a great idea

  3. It's shocking how much food we can waste isn't it?! I love your meal plan and Wednesday is a family favourite of ours. I must get around to blogging about our weekly meal plans. x

  4. I don't make big meals because I have a very picky eater in my house but when I do the leftovers often get eaten by the teenager. I can proudly say (Most) food doesn't get wasted here. 😊

  5. You've got some great ideas here! I'm trying to have more recipes and meals where we use up leftovers.

    Thanks for linking up x

  6. This is really good, nice to see the leftovers and extras being used

  7. I really need to plan our meals better - I hate wasting food but keep doing it :( Kaz


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