FREE 7 Day Family Meal Plan PLUS Printable Shopping List And Meal Plan! #1

This post is is something I have wanted to start up for ages! I LOVE meal planning, I love budgeting, I love providing my Instagram followers with easy no food waste ideas, and I love sharing meals idea on our YouTube channel, so it was only natural that this would progress to my blog, especially as I have been absent over here for so long! So without further ado, every month I will share a 7 day meal plan, along with a printable shopping list and meal plan, so you can read, print, shop and cook along with me!

So as we move through the weeks, eventually your kitchen cupboards will have the basics, you may already have some basics in, so each week I want you to go check your cupboards, fridge and freezer and cross of anything you already have in! There is no point in buying olive oil or veg if you already have plenty in! Not only will this ensure that when you come to do your 6 monthly cupboard clear out (more on this in the New Year!) you are not finding foods that are years old, it means that you are spending less each week too! I now have a big enough inventory that means some weeks we can get our shop for around £25 a week...for 6 of us!

Top tip #1...Find out what time your local supermarket reduces its meat and veggies, especially if you have space in your freezer. We spend a few pounds each week on reduced yellow sticker bargains that we can freeze. This means in future weeks we have veggies and meats available for meal plans! 

Recipe links:

Monday: Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry served with rice

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Gammon with homemade oven chips, egg, pineapple and peas. plus any extra veg if you like (want to know how? Find out here!) 

Wednesday: Sweet Potato, Coconut and Ginger Soup with Home Made Cheesy Loaf (cheesy loaf recipe coming soon!)

Thursday: Homemade Margherita Pizzas (see below)

Friday: Gammon Carbonara and homemade garlic bread (follow the link for the recipe, but swap the bacon for gammon and the natural yoghurt for quark!)

Saturday: Cheese and Brocolli Pasta Bake

Sunday: Cheats Ham, Mushroom and Leek Puff Pie with peas, broccoli, mash and gravy plus any extra veggies you like (recipe coming soon)

Top Tip #2...Get used to ignoring the dates on things! Use your eyes, your nose and your common sense to tell you if something is edible or not! 

Using the meal plan in this order will enable you to batch cook and use up left overs in other meals as follows:

On Monday when you cook the slow cooker curry, cool and refrigerate (or freeze) the remainder for the soup later on Wednesday.

Buy a slightly bigger gammon joint and after cooking it on Tuesday, shred the left overs, split it onto 3  and refrigerate 2 lots for the carbonara and the ham pie.

On Wednesday TRIPLE the one for all dough mix and refrigerate 2/3's! That way you save time on Thursday when it comes to make pizza and on Friday when you come to make the garlic bread.

On Sunday use up any leftover veggies that you have!

Top Tip #3...Take a look around discount stores local to you. See what you can get cheaper in places like Poundland, Home Bargains etc. You can save yourself a pretty penny sometimes! 

Print, cut, stick your meal plan on your fridge or cupboard, and remember to see what you have got in before you go shopping! Cross anything you don't need off! (And remember you will still need to add breakfasts and lunches!) 

Guys,  if you spot anything missing from the shopping list do give me a shout and I will edit! Thanks, Becky