My Top 10 Christmas Picks from the Wish App (all under £10)

I'm probably a little late in the day for this Christmas picks from the wish app, BUT if you are quick and order now they could reach you in time for Christmas and if not, heck at under £10 you can put them away for next year! I know that wish can be a little bit hit and miss but I've never actually had a problem. Let me know if you have used the app and what your experience was.

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  1. Ohh.. those pjs are so cute! I'm really tempted!

  2. I really love the little wooden train set. I think my daughter would love this and it’s an absolute bargain as well for price.

  3. I keep seeing wish advertised on my FB and IG feed and wondered whether to sign up. Now I think I will and fingers crossed things arrive in time for Christmas...


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