Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry/Soup. 1 Recipe, 2 Meals. #NoWasteFood

Something I have been quite mindful off recently has been food waste. It is no secret that the world is currently going zero waste crazy right now (and quite rightly) and were as we are so (so so so) far from being plastic free and completely zero waste in our house, one way we can start to make a change is by cutting back on the amount of food we throw away. Hands up if you see a recipe you like, and lets say it calls for 3 sweet potatoes, you add sweet potatoes to your shopping list, and when in the supermarket you buy a bag of sweet potatoes. Use 3 of them for this recipe you have seen and the rest get left to go off and get thrown in the bin? We have all done it. All of us...but by making one small change to the way you meal plan and shop your food waste, and consequently, your food bill can drop dramatically. Every week I'm going to show you how 1 recipe can give you 2, sometimes 3, meals!

This week I am starting with a really simple veggie slow cooker recipe that fed my family of 6 two meals.