Last Minute Fathers Day DIY Gift Idea

Hands up...who forgot Fathers Day? It's just 4 days away and well...I am skinted! No money to really push the boat out (no personalised messaged watch this year Dean!) but that is fine, because keepsake homemade gifts are what parents really love right? Why pay for something when you can make it for less than a coffee! We saw this in a local chocolate gift shop for £15, I looked online and saw them going for as much as £40 (for 10 chocolate coins and 5 Lindt chocolates!!) This one cost us absolubtly nothing, we had everything in the house already, but even if you have to go out I am confident that you can do this for less than £5.

So after seeing this in a chocolate shop I knew that this would be an easy gift to recreate, and I was sure I would have everything in the house already! We always have a plant pot hanging around and since the kids treat box is always bulging I knew that I would be able to find some chocolate coins and thanks to a recent upcycling project we had a can of gold spray paint hanging around.

Even if you don't have these things just 'lying around' you should be able to pick all of these things up in a pound shop.

What You Need:

Plant pot (plastic or pot, whatever you can find)
Gold spray paint
Gold wrapped chocolates, we used Ferrero Rocher, chocolate coins, and some other gold wrapped chocolates that I found in the treat box!)

tissue paper
gift tag
ribbon or string

All you need to do is spray the pot gold and wait for it to try, once dry fill it with chocolates and add a tag 'Daddy, You're Worth Your Weight In Gold!' and tie it around the pot and, voila...