10 Things That Make Me Happy

A few weeks ago the lovely Tash at Bound For Somewhere tagged me in the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag, its taken a while for me to get this started, I've been having a lot of anxiety related problems lately and I need some positivity right about now, so I thought it would be a good time to get a pen and paper and make a note of some of the things that have made me happy each day. I've been doing this for about a week now  and thought I would share some of the list with you here...

In no particular order here are 10 things that make me happy...

1. Walks on the beach

I love nothing more than a walk on the beach, it really is my happy place. Luckily we live at the seaside so the beach is right there whenever I could want it. Although during the cold months of course we don't go up there very often, but now the weather is finally warming up and the evening are drawing out I can't wait to start enjoying evening walks again.

2. Taking photos

I love to take my camera with us on walks, just to take snapshots of our adventures, I love making sure that my kids have lots of photos for memories when they are older!

3. An Instagram filter!

If you follow us on Instagram you will know that its not very often I post a Insta story without a filter! They just make life a little bit more fun don't they!

4. Cuddles

Whether its a morning cuddle after a bad nights sleep, or sleepy cuddles after a bad day. Cuddles just make me feel all warm and fuzzy and ultimately cheer me up almost immediately.


5. Sunshine

This might sound a little obvious, but a bit of sunshine always cheers me up, whether its just the sunshine, or the fact that you can get outside I don't know but what I do know is that when that sun is shining my mood is always lifted.

6. Planning our next adventure

I think this boils down to having something to look forward too, whether that be a night out, date night, a walk to the beach, a weekend away or our next holiday. I love researching what there is too do, where there is to go, what foods we can eat, where we can stay....you get me!

7. My sisters

Seriously these girls are my best friends, I see them at least once a week, sometimes more and we text every day. Seeing them, even just texting them, is my ultimate pick me up!

8. My kiddos (and my nieces and nephew)

I mean, they drive me insane but would a happy list be complete without them? Off course not!

9. Watching back videos, or looking at old photos

I love nothing more than sitting and scrolling through old photos and watching old YouTube videos back, I'm so glad I decided to start our YouTube channel. The numbers mean nothing too me (OK I lie a little...I love to see the subscribed number going up!), the memories I'm saving though? They mean everything. If you don't subscribe already make sure you do for regular uploads!

10. Music

We have all heard the expression 'Music is good for the soul' and I truely believe that it is. In particular 80's and 90's and some early 00's music. A bit of pop or some classic dance anthems and that's it, all of my troubles seem to melt away. And it also makes me feel a little more productive too.

So that is that, 10 things that make me happy, pop over to Facebook and let me know what makes you happy.