10 Things That Make Me Happy

A few weeks ago the lovely Tash at Bound For Somewhere tagged me in the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag, its taken a while for me to get this started, I've been having a lot of anxiety related problems lately and I need some positivity right about now, so I thought it would be a good time to get a pen and paper and make a note of some of the things that have made me happy each day. I've been doing this for about a week now  and thought I would share some of the list with you here...

5 Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to a house full of bad smells, last nights cooking, a pan you left to wash the next morning, toilet smells (because who knows why kids and husbands cant flush the toilet at night?!) so how can you get your house smelling nice quickly and easily? Here are 5 ways you can make your house smell clean and fresh...

Last Minute Fathers Day DIY Gift Idea

Hands up...who forgot Fathers Day? It's just 4 days away and well...I am skinted! No money to really push the boat out (no personalised messaged watch this year Dean!) but that is fine, because keepsake homemade gifts are what parents really love right? Why pay for something when you can make it for less than a coffee! We saw this in a local chocolate gift shop for £15, I looked online and saw them going for as much as £40 (for 10 chocolate coins and 5 Lindt chocolates!!) This one cost us absolubtly nothing, we had everything in the house already, but even if you have to go out I am confident that you can do this for less than £5.

Last Minute DIY Fathers Day Gift FOR LESS THAN £5!

So Fathers Day is just a few days away, and I wont lie as per usual I have left the gift buying to the last minute, I haven't got a whole lotta money so a grand gesture of a watch or weekend away isn't valid, and to be honest, I'm a big fan of homemade keepsake gifts for special days, so being skint I headed into town for some inspiration for some cheap easy DIY gift ideas!

5 Ways To Get A Bit Of 'Me Time' Right Now!

From the outside being a stay at home Mum must mean you get loads of time to luxuriate in a bit of me time...but if you are anything like me you will always say 'I have no time for me time' and the fact of the matter is, in between school runs, preparing 100 meals a day, working from home, after school clubs, housework and the keeping 4 kids and a husband (as well as yourself) alive, means that actually all you do get is a measly 10 minutes here or there. But lets face it, those 10 minutes are in fact spent doing something, usually scrolling through Facebook, reading a blog post that sounded interesting on Twitter as you wasted 5 minutes before the school run. Those 10 minutes sat in the car before the school gates open. What if I told you that you could spend those 10 minutes doing something for you? 10 minutes of 'no time' turned into something for you. 10 luxurious minutes...all...for...you! Right Now!

6 Fun Gifts To Celebrate National Best Friends Day

I just found out that its best friend day on June 6th (well in the US anyways!) and it got me thinking about the fun gifts you used to give your bestie when you were young and at school, the mood rings that split in half and sent your fingers green, the DIY friendship bracelets made from thread from your Mum's sewing box, the random letters you would write to each other at night (the kids with mobiles who text nowadays...they don't know what they are missing!) the random mix tapes you would make for each other at a weekend.