Celebrating National Sibling Day with Baby Born

Recently Baby Born got in touch and asked if we would help them spread some sibling love this #NationalSiblingDay. My guys love to play dolls, in fact its what my girls do most. (Jenson used to love playing dolls but hes recently started to outgrow this, sob!) in fact when ever we go in any kind of toy shop they try and get the latest doll, or accessory. 

To help us celebrate we were sent Baby Born’s big Sister! She has lovely long blonde hair that is waiting to be brushed and styled. Although she is a little older than Baby Born, she is the same height which makes it easy for them to share clothes and accessories. The Baby Born Sister Doll is able to stand on her own and bend her knees. making her perfect for highchairs and sitting sturdily.

Use Baby Born’s bottle to feed her real water and she will cry real tears (just give her a squeeze of the arm!), and with a completely hard body she is bath time (and wipe clean!) safe!

She also comes with 10 accessories including scrunchies, necklaces, hairbrush and a pair of bracelets, one for you and one for Baby Born...because twinning IS winning!

Check out our video below and see what the girls and Baby Born sister got up to during the day....

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