Geomag Panels and Mechanics | Review & Giveaway

My kids love building lego, in fact,  lately the toys they love to play with most is almost always STEM based, so when I got an email with the chance to review Geomag (something that had come up on birthday and Christmas lists before!) I knew the kids would be so so pleased if I said yes! When our package arrived and we unpacked the Geomag Panels 464 set (192 pieces) and the Geomags Mechanics set (86 pieces) the kids couldn't wait to get in the boxes and nagged me all week until we got a chance at the weekend to open them!

We were sent this item free for the purpose of this review, all words, photos and thoughts are my own. 

The Geomag Panels (RRP £90) set comes with 192 pieces, consiting of brightly coloured plastic geometric shapes, magnetic bars and steel balls, they mini monsters started off just building simple shapes, houses, rockets, etc with the balls and bars...

Then Dean and Jenson started to make the structures given in the instruction manual. Now Dean doesn't have much patience and was soon telling us how 'rubbish' it was (it wouldn't stand, off course it wouldn't, he had only just started and it needed more strength to keep it up!) I took over and smugly helped Jenson to finish off his first structure. The instruction were easy to follow and Jenson told me what was needed and what was next...he has a habit of doing this, he can be very much the, umm shall we say leader, when he wants to be! Now a couple of times the structure fell and we had to rebuild, but he kept his cool (unlike his tantruming Dad) and we eventually had the first Geomags Panels structure complete. He was so so pleased with the finished product! He quickly moved on to the next structure and together we completed lots of structures (did you see them on my Instagram stories?)  

This toy kept the monsters attention for a solid 3 hours, I mean, NOTHING, and I mean nothing has ever kept their attention for so long! And everytime they have had the panels set out they play for hours, and luckily (for me) as the set has 192 pieces there are very little arguements as they all work on their individual projects!

With the girls busy me and Jenson set about the Geomags Mechanics set, the set is still aimed at childrens age  5+ but is a little more complex as it explores movement via magnetic force and Jenson did get confused (as did I) early on, in all this set took us about half an hour to but together and figure out, but to be fair Geomag do state that this set is for more expert builders, which we are not (yet!) Jenson played with this set for a bit, but being completely honest, it isn't something he has built again, since. But we have put it away for the future, I am sure when he starts learning about magnetic force and such at school in the next couple of years (if memory serves me right Ellie was in year 3 or 4) this will be of great use and something he will love to explore. 

For a chance to win a set of the Geomags Panels enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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